LIC to list on May 17: India’s largest IPO kicks off on May 4

LIC IPO in the way

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), India’s largest backup plan, will go public on May 17 and is expected to generate Rs 20,558 crore by selling a 3.5 percent stock in its inaugural public offering. The issue will go on sale on May 4 and end on May 9. The issue’s anchor book will be opened on May 2, the safety net provider announced on Wednesday.

The government is selling 221.3 million offers through the contribution, valuing the security goliath at roughly Rs 6 trillion, based on the contribution’s highest value band. During a conference call, several market experts stated that such limited weakening will stimulate a stock interest crisscross after the posting, causing the offer cost to jump sharply. A limited free float will help the backup plan receive a greater valuation during your following proposal.

During the expert call, government representatives stated that the anchor book is robust because investors have been dealing with it for some time.

The amount of the issue has been reduced from almost Rs 60,000 crore previous to the recording of the final archives to approximately Rs 21,000 crore at the time of the recording of the last archives, due to the unpredictability of the value displays and repressed demand from financial supporters. unfamiliar. Regardless, the public authority predicts strong interest from consumers financial backers in the country’s largest initial public offering.

Tuhin Kanta Pandey, Secretary, Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), stated that despite the cuts, the LIC’s initial stock sale will continue to be the largest public contribution in India. “Given the current state of the capital markets, LIC’s IPO is just the right size, and we predict massive retail investment. Given present environmental constraints, the initial stock sale will not displace capital or cash supply “Pandey stated this during a news conference here on Wednesday.

To stimulate interest, the public authority is issuing shares at a cheaper valuation than other private players. Valuations were reduced after taking into account financial backer criticism and winning economic scenarios as a result of international concerns and other global factors. Pandey stated that the values are “fair and enticing,” adding that the decision was taken amid reduced volatility and steady inflows. “The value depends on the conditions and the requirement to list,” stated MR Kumar, Chairman of LIC.

According to the contribution reports, about 1.5 million offers would be preserved for LIC employees, while 22 million offers will be kept for policyholders. The issue’s price band has been set at Rs902-949, with retail financial backers and representatives receiving a Rs45 discount off the offer cost. Holders of a LIC scheme will receive a Rs 60 discount.

Pandey stated that the government is not interested in weakening a larger share through a follow-on open contribution for essentially the next year. Regardless, according to the market controller, firms will be unable to execute FPOs for at least a half year after opening up to the rest of the globe.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has granted LIC an exemption for new rules on the basic 90-day secure in time for anchor financial backers. According to recent sources, the initial lock-in term for anchor financial backers would be only 30 days.