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List of Startups Funded by Shark Anupam Mittal
A dive into the startups Anupam Mittal has invested in

A wave of entrepreneurial inspiration has been sweeping the nation over the past decade and it doesn’t seem likely to slow down. Especially, since the inception of Shark Tank India, the country’s entrepreneurial spark has only gone up. One of the sharks of the show is Anupam Mittal, business tycoon who owns multitudes of businesses in a plethora of industries. Today, we will take a deep dive into his businesses.

Anupam Mittal, source - dmerharyana.


Even though he was very well known in the business scene in India, Anupam Mittal only blew into the mainstream because of the growth of Shark Tank India. He holds a strong passion for entrepreneurship and innovation and is well versed in his subjects of expertise.

Entrepreneur Anupam Mittal owns and runs a plethora of wildly successful start-ups. Arguably, his most successful company is shaadi.com of which he is the co-founder and chief marketing officer (CMO). Shaadi.com is an Indian online wedding service founded in 1997 and has offices in India, USA, UK and UAE. Clocking in at 35 million plus users, the company is valued at around 60 crore rupees making it his Resume’s cream of the crop.

Unsurprisingly, Shaadi.com is just a part of his conglomerate aptly called People Group. The firm was formally launched by Mittal in 2004 to explore opportunities in the Internet, mobile, and digital space. The businesses under the conglomerate include Shaadi.com, Makaan – an online platform to purchase and sell properties, Mauj Mobile– an app store, and Mobango – a mobile application developing business. To Mittal’s credit, they have all clawed their way into the apex of their fields.

People Group isn’t just a conglomerate that runs these four businesses, as they actively work with and invest in promising businesses too. People Group has a vision to harness the potential of the internet and that’s kind of businesses they work with. A few of these invested companies are Prettysecrets, Druva, and hackerearth.

Mr.Mittal also adopted the role of an angel investor by funding in multiple start-ups. Here’s an impressive record of the start-ups Anupam Mittal has invested in:



Ola logo, source - wikipedia

Easily the most wildly known firm on this list, Ola company offers a ride-sharing platform. It tethers customers and drivers of a variety of vehicles starting from bikes and autos to SUVs across India.

Mr. Mittal shelled out a crore INR to hold a 2% stake in the company. His 2% share is now worth over 1000 crore rupees.



Reevoy logo, source- their linkedin

The start-up developed a system, financing invoices. Reevoy enables Indian entrepreneurs to seek collateral-free funding.

Reevoy provides a multitude of services like instantaneous payments, credit insurance and zero collateral and  simplifies the process to be quick and convenient. Anupam Mittal along with seven other investors put in $4mn



Trade ex logo, source - ycombinator

This 2020 founded start-up works as a platform designed for trading on global events. TradeX lets the user make predictions on different future events and get rewarded on the basis of the outcomes.

Anupam along with eight other investors shelled out of 7 crores INR for the start-up


One Impression

One Impression logo from their facebook

One Impression is a platform, housing various types of influencers. It assists brands to reach wider audiences unlocking the potential of content creators led campaigns.

The company utilizes price algorithms, and deep insights enabling brands to get their desired results. Anupam Mittal along with twenty-two other investors put in $1mn


ASQI Investors

ASQI logo from yourstory

This start-up, in its third year of operations is a business in investment technology. It uses aspects of blockchain. The company provides advisory to their customers about debts, equity, and other financial advice.

It uses quantitative analysis, AI, and blockchain technology to come up with their solutions. Anupam Mittal along with six other investors shelled out $1mn in the start-up.



BharatEx logo from Linkedin

This 2020 firm is a credit financial technology start-up. The firm’s platform allows customers to purchase multiple products and services within their network by using credit as their USP.

This enables businesses model allows customers to purchase products and defer the payment. The company raised 18.1 crores INR from Anupam and four other investors.



BizzTM logo from their linkedin

BizzTM, a 2020 start-up is another entrant into the e-commerce space. It shoots to supply curated product catalogues to shops in growing cities. The company remove all middlemen between the manufacturers and retailers.

This enables the business owners to purchase and sell with zero inventory. Anupam, and thirteen other investors invested 9 crore INR into the company.


NXT Wave logo from Livemint

NXTWave, is a start-up that is looking to revolutionize the education industry. It provides professionally standard certifications to people entering their industry. This assists them to prepare for their professional life irrespective of their educational background.

Its goal is to bridge the gap between education and industry required qualifications. An undisclosed amount was injected in the company by Anupam Mittal.



logo from CrunchBase

Lysto, founded in 2021, operates APIs, its tools, and foundation that facilitates the production and distribution of NFTs.

It also helps in the issuing of NFTs across the digital world with the help of a click. An undisclosed sum was invested into the company by Anupam Mittal.


 Skippi Ice Pops

Skippi icepops from their website

Skippi Ice Pops produces ice popsicles. It was founded in 2020. The company’s products are all natural with zero artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

These sweet treats are available in many flavours and has garnered multiple positive reviews. Anupam backed the company with 20 lakhs INR taking a 3% stake.


Some of the other start-ups he has claimed a stake in are- CosIQ – a skincare company set up in 2020, Revamp Moto – an electric bike company created in 2020, Heart Up My Sleeves – an accessories brand founded in the same year too, VivaLyf – painless glucometer producers established in 2021, and MeatYour – a start-up founded in 2020 dealing with odourless brown eggs established in 2020.

There is a trend to the kind of companies that catches Mr. Mittal’s eye. They are all heavily tech and data based. This is because, the business tycoon firmly believes in the process of India being heavily digital and online reliant.

According to him, the nation is undergoing a revolution in the world of business. Mittal went on to say that a fear and stigma of failure hindered the growth of start-up culture in the country until the past decade. Therefore, people took the mainstream route of becoming doctors and engineers. But society is slowly changing and people realise that it’s okay to fail. He even went on to say that its never been better to start taking over your own life and starting a business in India.



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