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Madonna Joins Hands With Beeple For NFT Collection

POP Singer Madoana

Credits: www.guinnessworldrecords.com

Popular singer and music icon Madonna is releasing a limited three NFTs collection named ‘Mother of Creation’ as part of a collaborative effort with the ‘Everyday’ distinguished automated maker Beeple. The collection is called “Mother of Creation.” On May 11 at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST [3:30 am Thursday, IST], the NFT assortment will be available for purchase on the Super rare NFT commercial hub. This collection demonstrates three various parts of life that are triggered by becoming a parent.

During a meeting, Madonna said that she had been collaborating with Beeple for more than a year on this project, which is “completely linked with the prospect of creation and parenting.” Madonna found out this information about their collaboration.

The meaning behind what Madonna said was as follows: “Using the kickoff of every video is me conceiving an offspring; whether I’m perched on a tank in a dystopian city or I’m in an emergency clinic bed in an extremely sterile research center climate, I’m doing what ladies have been doing starting from the dawn of mankind, which is conceiving an offspring.”

The collection is comprised of three single releases of NFTs, all of which feature a more natural Madonna bringing out various aspects of the human condition. The primary NFT is titled “Mother of Nature,” and it depicts Madonna giving birth to a tree as she is laying down on a laboratory bed. The tree starts to blossom as soon as it emerges from Madonna’s torso. The topic of vegetation is the focal point of this NFT.

The second NFT is referred to as the “Mother of Evolution,” and it focuses on the evolution of living creatures. In what seems to be a largely destroyed city, Madonna is seen seated in a different car. In this scene, she is seen releasing a large number of butterflies.

The third NFT is referred to as the “Mother of Technology,” and it focuses on the advancement of mechanical systems. A naked Madonna has been left to lay here in the woods, where she is giving birth to a succession of mechanical centipedes.

The selection is remarkable in its subject matter, and how the motions are carried out is congruent with the aesthetic sensibilities of both the craftspeople. Beeple sent a message on Twitter in which he said, “Respected beyond measure to have worked together with Madonna on this endeavor. Revitalized to bring this one to the attention of the whole globe.”

The proceeds from the sale of the NFT collection will be donated to three charitable organizations; more specifically, these organizations are The Voices of Children Foundation, the City of Joy Foundation, and Black Mama’s Bail Out. In addition, the website for Mother of Creation said, “The three-panel artwork was produced with foundation support from Moonpay, who will also give $100,000 to every cause.”



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