Upcoming Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro to sport a 5NM chip
Upcoming Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro to sport a 5NM chip Image Credits: Meta Speedcom

Major VPN Providers Have Been Shut Down in India due to Anti-privacy Legislation; Apple has not yet Responded.

New guidelines issued by India’s Computer Emergency Response Team

According to India’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), new laws will apply to VPN providers from September 25. These will necessitate the collection of consumer names, email addresses, and IP addresses. The data must be kept for at least five years and made available to CERT on demand.
Major VPN providers have suspended operations in India since there is no way to comply with the new law without violating their own privacy protection requirements.

The rule applies to iCloud Private Relay as well, but Apple has yet to comment on its own plans…

Indian customers will be able to connect to VPN servers in other countries. This is the same method followed in Russia and China, where operating servers in those nations would necessitate compliance with comparable rules.

Major VPN services | NordVPN on MacBook Pro
9-5 MAC

Apple’s iCloud Private Relay has been impacted.
The rule also applies to iCloud Private Relay, which is a VPN service that is only utilised for Safari.

The iCloud Private Relay system’s design assures that no single party handling user data has complete knowledge of both who the user is and what they are attempting to access.

Apple has not yet commented on its own planned response, but we have contacted the firm and will keep you updated if we receive a response.

Cloud services were also provided.

The new restrictions also apply to cloud storage services, albeit this would have little practical impact on Apple. Because iCloud does not use end-to-end encryption, Apple has a copy of your decryption key and may thus already comply with government requests for information.