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Matt Wallace and Investors Ridicule SafeMoon Team

SafeMoon was the talk last week of the city in the crisis, as developers all had their much-anticipated ‘SafeMoon’ wallet released on the 28th of August. The team also marketed billboard development across the UK and attracted new investors’ attention.


The coin grew 50.7% due to the SafeMoon Wallet hype and was last week’s only crypto that hit such a high and everything seemed fine.

Only a few hours before its launch however, SafeMoon’s Twitter manufacturer released a statement: “The launch of all three products simultaneously posed unforeseen technical problems (Website buy & swap, Android wallet & iOS wallet).

The tweet also said that they “work to fix the problem around the clock,” and “will release each product one by one (one) – start with the buy & swap website function today,” and also excused investors for the problem. “We excuse the delay. Everyone we hear. We can’t wait, read the tweet, to get all of you home.

SafeMoon started sinking and is down at -3.48 percent in days of business and trading at $0.0000024, instead of rising during the Wallet launch.

You could buy fake likes, but you canâ€TMt buy a good team or real plans æ working for the whole thing. â€TMt â€TMt buy good teams! Two days of August 2021

Take on Safe Moon’s developers Matt Wallace & Investors

Crypto influencer Matt Wallace responded by saying, “You can get fake tastes, but you can’t buy a good team or real plans,” to SafeMoon’s tweet about technical problems surrounding their release.

Others were furious with SafeMoon developers because they took it lightly and didn’t deliver as expected and reminded them that their hard-earned money is being played. “You kids, remember now. Never let the date be known. Start this shot first, then announce it. It’s hard-earned our money. I’m down 80% at least,” an investor tweeted.

For today, you have had 3 months to get right! And now you say patience to the people?


Very professional, very professional!

— lude Gemfinder ð adjusted for the rest of the world. (@lude12856978) 28.08.2021.

Another investor slammed the developers and said, “Three months were available to you to get right today! And now you say patience to the people? Much professional!'”

An outrageous investor informed the developers how to do the right things and disclosed that he sold half of his assets because of their poor performance.

Why don’t you begin with the wallet to be released today? If it is already in the wallet and based on the way in which it was dealt with, no one needs a buy button on the Website, we need a sell button only to dump that shitcoin!

— Styszko Daniel (@DStyszko) 28.08.2021.

“I only sold my coins for half. Not satisfied with the exec team of SAFEMOON. Before you go to market, you need to get these things right. This is the maladministration ABC. You do what you say or your value will be worthless to help investors 2. The tweet reads, “I love the concept but the drive value.”





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