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Meme Fest commences on Twitter as the spotlight falls on cryptocrash

As long as crypto continues its rollercoaster progress throwing people off balance every now and then, there is no question of Twitter ever running out of memes. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that crypto has evolved to become the meme hotspot. Whether the news is good or bad, there is always a good dose of memes to feast on. At the moment, the picture doesn’t look very bright for the crypto world as the recent crash has caused some chaos. But then again, it is only part of the game. And going with the spirit of that rather ominous game, we have some hilarious memes. Ever since the prices began their descent, memes have been on the rise. There is nothing one needs more on a day the graph has gone down than a good dose of memes. Whether to laugh or cry at the memes is another question altogether, and for now, let’s not delve deep into that matter.


Crash and Chaos

It hasn’t been a favorable time for crypto in general since November. Since the month of November, the crypto market has recorded a loss of a whopping $1 trillion. The crypto traders have been in turmoil ever since and it seems like things aren’t getting any better. Bitcoin particularly has recorded significant losses. Two months ago, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency was enjoying some bright time as its price touched an impressive $70,000 per bitcoin only to fall by 40 percent. Similar losses have also been suffered by other cryptocurrencies.

The massive decline comes after a period of commendable growth for the crypto market and the traders are convinced that this is only a temporary and rather small bump on the way to progress. This present decline wasn’t a totally unexpected scenario as a certain amount of uncertainty was indeed anticipated. Perhaps the reason for the recent decline in prices can be traced back to the news about the U.S Federal Reserve accelerating its plan to hike the interest rates in 2022. Bitcoin had also taken a hard hit earlier following the Chinese crackdown on cryptocurrency about six months ago. Well, it is usually said that every night has a day, and although the night seems rather long, crypto investors are confident about a brighter day. And for now, to brighten things a little bit we have some hilarious memes. Let us flip through a few of the memes and responses on Twitter.




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