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Memes refuse to take a backseat as Crypto Rates fall.

It is an unwritten rule that when you play with fire, burns are inevitable. The same goes for cryptocurrency. When playing with something that is strictly based on uncertainty, falls are inevitable. The recent fall in crypto rates has been the center of attention for quite some time now. Although every day, users look up the graph with hope and expectation, the results are still the same. At this point, the dip is almost like a whip of distress that is too hurtful to even think about.


Adding to this pitfall is the dilemma of whether to buy the dip or not. One decision and life could change forever. However, those who have some experience with crypto are too well acquainted with the risk that any more of an acquaintance will be a bitter pill to swallow.

Therefore people are reacting in the best way possible to make peace with the hard truth. The flow of memes that started a day or two before has not died down, and it does not seem like it will any time soon. Perhaps, it is a way of balancing the equation. Something must be on the rise if not the crypto rates. And memes at this point sound more like “chicken soup for the soul.” In a situation where the users are not finding much of a difference between crypto, cryptic, crypt, memes are all the more necessary to make sure that the minds do not go decrepit.

Here is the reflection of the hopes that are falling with the fall in crypto rates. Looks like cryptocurrency recently took a course in bungee jumping. Only, that it is not coming up. You are not wrong if the one word that comes to your mind right now is ‘crash.’

Nobody said financial advice is a fact.

Everybody who is on the verge of a blackout due to the dip, please take credit and add in your resume, “excellent work under pressure skills.”

It is a fact, although coal reminds one of a gaping hole. The weird way in which words rhyme under pressure!

“Some things are best left unsaid.”

Grip is very important. And in this context, a grip on your sanity.

It is neither a good time nor a bad time. At this point, it is just the ‘worst’ time.

The message is inevitable cryptic.

After all, it all happens for a reason.




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