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Meta Introduces Verified Account Service in India

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta, has made an important statement for its Indian consumers. The organisation has begun offering the eagerly awaited verified account service, which is designed to give customers increased security and protection against impersonation. Meta seeks to increase user confidence and foster a safer online environment with ambitions to soon expand the service across digital platforms. Let’s go into the specifics and talk about the companies involved and the possible effects of this decision.

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Meta Verified: Enhancing User Security and Trust:

With the help of Meta’s new service, Meta Verified, customers can pay a monthly fee to get a verified account on Facebook and Instagram. Users who verify their accounts with official identification have access to impersonation protections and specialised account assistance. The goal of this programme is to prevent online impersonation while preserving user account integrity.

Subscription Pricing and Expansion Plans:

Indian consumers can sign up for the Meta Verified service on mobile apps for a monthly cost of Rs 699. A lower monthly subscription fee of Rs 599 would be offered by Meta when the verified service is introduced on web platforms in the upcoming months. The benefits of verified accounts will now be easily accessible to users across a variety of devices and platforms, improving the overall user experience.

Companies Involved: Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp:

Facebook Inc.’s successor, Meta, is a well-known social media corporation that owns and runs a number of well-known platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. With more than 3 billion active users per month across its platforms, Meta has a big impact on the social media scene around the world. With the launch of the verified account service, Meta has demonstrated its dedication to customer security and trust while addressing issues with impersonation and fraudulent accounts.

Impact on User Experience and Online Safety:

On user experience and online safety, the launch of the Meta Verified service in India is anticipated to have a significant influence. Meta intends to lessen instances of impersonation and boost user confidence by enabling users to validate their accounts with official identification. In addition to improved security, verified accounts will now have access to individualised support, resulting in a smooth experience for content producers, influencers, and companies alike.

Strengthening Trust and Mitigating Misinformation:

For social media sites, the prevalence of bogus accounts and the spread of false information have long been problems. By introducing an additional layer of authentication, Meta hopes to address these problems with the Meta Verified service. Users will have more confidence in verified accounts because they know they are connecting with reliable people and businesses. This action is consistent with Meta’s overarching goal of maintaining a responsible and secure online community.

Learning from Twitter’s Verified Account Service:

Leading social media site Twitter was the first to launch a verified account service, providing extra perks and verification status in exchange for a monthly subscription price. Following Twitter’s success, Meta entered the verified account market, demonstrating the rising need for improved security features and account validation. Meta wants to provide consumers a comparable sense of trust and legitimacy by studying Twitter’s concept and customising it to fit their platforms.


In terms of promoting user security and trust on social media platforms, Meta’s launch of the verified account service in India is a key turning point. Users may now confidently create their online presence, secure their identities, and interact with local communities thanks to the option to verify accounts using government IDs. The action advances reducing impersonation and preserving the integrity of user accounts and is consistent with Meta’s commitment to fostering a safer online environment. More users will have the chance to take advantage of the improved security features as the service is extended to web platforms, thus enhancing trust and dependability throughout Meta’s social media ecosystem.