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Meta, Microsoft Join Hands For Metaverse, Apple Left Out
According to Bloomberg, Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge plans for the headset, although it has given its board a glimpse of the product.


Credits: https://cointelegraph.com/

Meta has teamed up with Microsoft and other computer giants like Google because of the ever-expanding vision of the metaverse they share. The purpose of this partnership is to promote the creation of metaverse industry standards. The process of creating industry standards will benefit from this collaboration. The different digital worlds employed by businesses may now connect thanks to these standards.

Members of the Metaverse Standards Forum include some of the most well-known gaming and chip-making companies, according to a statement released by that group. Discussion board participants started posting their thoughts as soon as the official launch date was announced on Tuesday. One such group is the World Wide Web Consortium, which has been requested to participate (W3C).

In the opinion of many in the business, if Apple introduces an augmented or mixed reality headgear in the next year or two, the firm will swiftly become the dominant force in the metaverse.

Decentralized metaverse platforms such as Roblox, The Sandbox, and Decentraland were not represented during the conference.

Even though Apple has yet to make an official announcement about the creation of such a gadget, Bloomberg believes that Apple has demonstrated a prototype of the headgear to its board of directors. This presentation was supposedly given by Apple even though it hasn’t happened. Group members warily weighed in on a new metaverse forum that had lately been formed.

Investing in technology is the only way for Apple to compete with Meta’s virtual worlds. For the foreseeable future, Meta’s major emphasis will be on expanding the metaverse. So, even if Apple created a comparable product, it would be unable to compete with Meta’s services.

A mixed-reality helmet is on the way from the corporation once known as Facebook 2018, according to their announcement. That which is known as “Cambria” represents the company’s metaverse shifts that took place the year before and before that.

Web standards like HTML5 have benefited greatly from Apple’s work over an extended period. As a three-dimensional metaverse file format, the “USDZ” format was developed by Apple and Pixar. By working together, Apple and Pixar ensured that the format would be supported before it was made available to the public.

Neil Trevett, CEO of Nvidia and the group’s supervisor, said that the Metaverse Standards Forum is open to any organization, including those in the bitcoin sector.

“Real-world interoperability in the metaverse,” he says, is the forum’s stated goal. This claim has to be backed up by some kind of evidence. It is unclear how the absence of Apple may hinder the fulfillment of this goal.



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