Metaverse will be a multitrillion dollar market says Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood, the CEO of ARK investments, has always been a pro-crypto person. Cathie has made repeated statements that Bitcoin is going to reach $500k in the future. And now she has cited her opinion on the new market craze of Metaverse. According to her, Metaverse will be a multitrillion dollar market. She believes that it will be bigger than we can’t imagine and become a part of every sector in the future.

Cathie Wood on Metaverse and its future

Cathie Wood was recently interviewed at CNBC, where she shared her opinion about the Metaverse and its future. She said that it will greatly impact our economy and will be a part of every sector in the future. This means that Metaverse is going to offer a lot of opportunities that could be game-changing for many individuals. These opportunities can be investment-wise in metaverse tokens or companies that are totally based on the Metaverse.

Cathie Wood,  Founder of ARK investment management

The biggest reason for all this happening is that Facebook has changed its name to Meta. This has given a kind of validation to many to take this new technology seriously and work in the sector. After Facebook’s renaming, we have also seen a lot of famous personalities and brands enter the Metaverse. This is why Cathie Wood believes that the Metaverse will be a multitrillion dollar market, and this is just the beginning.

Reports and analysis

Cathie Wood’s statements were her own ideas and beliefs about the Metaverse based on the current market craze and adoption. To go a more technical route, there was a recent report published by Grayscale investments, which also predicted the same thing. The Metaverse could be a competitor of WEB 2.0 protocols and bring in over $1 trillion in revenue every year. It will also be the world where cryptocurrencies are widely used as currencies, and NFTs will be also be treated as real art. Yes, right now, our opinions are not unfiltered due to the current market hype. So, we have to wait and see how things unfold in the future.

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