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Miami Mayor says he will take next paycheck in 100% Bitcoin

We all know that the Miami Mayor is a pro-bitcoin guy. His actions that support crypto and its adoption clearly show his beliefs. But now, he went one step ahead, saying that his next paycheck will be 100% in BTC. The idea of taking salaries in Bitcoin has been implemented by many sportspersons and well-known stars in the past. So, I think that Miami Mayor is one of the first officials to do the same. His goal is to make Miami a Bitcoin capital, and the path he is taking seems to be good.

Miami Mayor wants Bitcoin paycheck

Recently, Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital Partner, tweeted asking that who is going to be the first American politician to take salary in Bitcoin. To this, Mayor Francis Suarez replied that he would take his next paycheck in 100% Bitcoin. Francis also tagged the CIO and Director of Innovation at the city of Miami to make this happen. To this, Sarasti replied, saying Mayor Amazing.

This is a very positive step taken by the mayor, as we can expect this to push other pro-bitcoin politicians to think about accepting paychecks in BTC. It is also going to make Miami even more advanced as the crypto adoption isn’t slowing down there.

Miami Mayor

Image Source: Bloomberg.com

Miami’s crypto revolution

The Miami Mayor has been one of the prime reasons why Miami is known as the Bitcoin capital. He has been pushing authorities to make laws that help people pay their taxes in crypto. He also plans to use these crypto taxes as it is for the development of the city and not convert them to fiat. Suarez has also incentivized crypto mining in Miami after China banned it, which led to a price and hash rate drop. Miami is probably the only US country that has embraced crypto so well.

We also have other officials like the Mayor of Jackson and Cool valley and the US Senator Cynthia Lummis, who has been in favor of BTC from the very beginning.

What are your thoughts on the Miami Mayor accepting 100% paycheck in Bitcoin? And do you think that the idea of taking a salary in such a volatile currency is ideal? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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