Miller lite's virtual bar
Credits: games-News 24

Miller Lite opens the world’s first virtual bar in the Metaverse

Miller Lite has decided to open a grand Metaverse bar in Decentraland last Monday. This amazing move of miller lite has given a great chance to NFL fans to watch United State’s largest sporting event on a completely virtual platform.

Officials have informed that the minimum age of 21 is necessary to enjoy the immersive experience. There are a lot of things offered by them. Fans can interact with classic bar fixtures, like playing darts, playing digital instruments, clicking meta selfies and all.

Big Game ad
Credits: RD Virtual

This newly opened metaverse bar is also going to be the only place to catch the brand’s “Big Game” ad, which will premiere in full length on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 13, according to the news release.

What is Big Game?

Big Game is a well known California Stanford football tournament. It is a rivalry game played by the California Golden Bears football team of the University of California and the Stanford Cardinal football team of Stanford University. It is one of the oldest football tournament in United States which was first played in the year of 1892.

The game is typically played in late November or early December, and its location alternates between the two universities every year. In even-numbered years, the game is played at Berkeley, while in odd-numbered years it is played at Stanford.

Miller Lite
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A bar stocked with Miller Lite is one thing the metaverse needs. To make the digital world feel more like the real one, Miller Lite is making a very simple thing that people know and love, a classic tavern. On monday, a user could enter the Meta Lite Bar in Decentraland.

Patrons were invited to enjoy an immersive, collaborative experience with interactive features, virtual pilsners, and a chance to have their real Sunday football day paid for by Miller Lite with the Virtual Cheers for Real Beers giveaway.

From the 7th to 13th of February 2022 an average of ten patrons weekly will win $500 (real, not crypto) to stock IRL game day parties with great-tasting Miller Lite with the Virtual Cheers for Real Beers giveaway.

Global vice president of Miller Family of Brands, Sofia Colucci said that, “We’ve had a lot of great partnerships with NFL teams throughout the year but were run out of advertising during a Super Bowl game, so it inspires us to think creatively and also think about what feels really relevant right now.”

She further added that, “There is no doubt that there’s a lot of scope in the Metaverse, and we wanted to participate, but in a way that felt right for Miller Lite.”