Minecraft bans NFTS
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Minecraft halts NFTs in games to support its vision!

 NFTs in gaming industry.

NFT in gaming industry
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Games have always appealed to people across ages. In the past, games were used a mode teach children, was used by adults as stress buster and used for old citizens to pass their time. Under the same vision, gaming industry has also revolutionized the digital asset industry. Gaming is not just a mode of time pass anymore. It gives the player an opportunity to earn and win many rewards such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies and reap huge kind of monetary benefit out of it.

Blockchain gaming is a method for converting virtual items from video games, including cosmetic skins and collectibles, into NFTs, which are assets that exist in the real world. The introduction of NFTs into gaming is probably motivated by the popularity of online games with strong in-game economies, like Runescape and World of Warcraft. To make unauthorized purchases of gaming accounts or things on third-party websites, players spend real money on black markets.

Though NFTs have pretty much occupied the gaming market, Minecraft recently revealed that it will be suspending the option of winning an NFT in its games and said it wants to be an industry that visions in providing fun games to its users.

Minecraft to change the in-game policy.

According to the reports it is known that Minecraft a giant gaming company has decided to change the in-game policy of the games that were allowing the users to earn NFTs. The company told that, it has realized that games are more of a time pass for its users and is inclusive for all the users. The NFT model of games were being little more competitive than expected and was draining the fun aspect out of the game. The company also said that as long as people have access to similar content from the company, Minecraft will be endeavoring to be a community that gives a chance for everyone to enjoy and have fun.

There is a belief in the market that games that have enabled digital assets as rewards, will eventually lead to digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion. But, the vision of the company is not in inclination with that. If at all anything, the company visions in creating games that’s inclusive of all and is fun to play.


Writer’s Analysis:

While NFTs seem to be penetrating each and every industry, there are instances where some big players in the industry are refraining from the acceptance of NFT or any other kind of digital asset. Each one of the firm have their own reason to omit digital assets.