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Most Relatable Crypto Memes Of All Time

Crypto is a domain that is most prone to quirky memes and jokes. Particularly because of its highly transient characteristic. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that crypto is the one domain that takes the quote “change is the only constant to heart.” Every time the graph rises or falls, the hearts of those who invested rise and fall too. One can say crypto has really prepared people for the inevitability of change in life. And whatever the gain or loss from crypto might be, it cannot be denied that cryptocurrency has indeed helped people to polish and refine their meme-making skills to absolute finesse. Because every time a slight wind of change touches the shore of crypto, a storm of memes and jokes commence.

Crypto memes

Cryptocurrency: The Harbinger of Fortune, Misfortune, and Memes

Memes have been in vogue for quite some time now. Perhaps it is the perfect blend of sarcasm and humor one can find in memes, or it is the undeniable charm of a joke well delivered. Whatever the secret, memes do have a way of making their way to the heads of people in unique ways. As stated earlier, crypto is particularly prone to these memes, and at times when the market is quite bad, the memes can seem like a cruel joke. Or some might say, it is a way of sugarcoating a really bitter pill.

Of late, the times are not really favorable for crypto in general. The prices have taken a downward trek from the mountain of glory and seem like the graphs won’t be going up any time soon. Recently Twitter saw a surge in memes following the crypto crash as prices kept falling to an all-time low. As the dilemma of whether to hold on or let go reached its peak, speculations began, and not so surprisingly, memes followed suit. Here are some of the most relatable crypto memes of all time that might or might not tickle your funny bone.

Well, sometimes you need to give everything.

Sleep is too insignificant a chore because you never know what will happen next.

One must learn from crypto enthusiasts, the art of holding on till the end. It takes a lot of nerve and courage.

Frightening things come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes even in the form of a downward sloping graph(that refuses to go up no matter what.)


That old man has definitely become the face of crypto holders in crisis with his typical “I am dying but I will plaster a fake smile” smile.

Crypto memes


Well, crypto memes will not be complete without the presence of Elon Musk.

Crypto memes

Picture courtesy: Twitter

Crypto memes




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