Photo by Glenna Haug on Unsplash
Photo by Glenna Haug on Unsplash

Mountain Warehouse Review

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor apparel and gear store? Look no further than Mountain Warehouse: a one-stop shop that offers everything you need to stay comfortable while hiking, camping, backpacking or skiing. 

From jackets to hats and sleeping bags, they have it all. Read on for our comprehensive review of their products and services! Mountain Warehouse is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get outside and enjoy nature. They offer a huge range of weatherproof apparel, camping gear and accessories designed to withstand any outdoor adventure. 

What really sets them apart is how many options they provide for families – with kids’ sizes, junior fit, and adult options all in the same place it’s easy to make sure everyone stays warm, dry, and active no matter where you’re headed. Their quality products are affordable and built to last.

About Mountain Warehouse

They were established in 1997 and have been providing their customers with incomparable VALUE for money. They are the largest retailer of outdoor clothes and equipment in the UK.

Mountain Warehouse has been a trusted brand for nearly 25 years, helping family and friends to stay prepared for anything the great outdoors throws their way. With such an expansive reach of 380+ stores from coast to coast and 3,500 employees, it’s no wonder they’ve gained a reputation as reliable outdoor professionals. 

Skift through a large selection of items including jackets, fleeces, rucksacks, and sleeping bags that are made with only the highest quality materials. If you’re headed outside this month – make sure you head to Mountain Warehouse! 

At Mountain Warehouse, they are committed to sustainability. As such, they have taken several steps to minimize negative impacts on the environment and reduce waste. For example, they are introducing more sustainable materials in their products and packaging processes. 

Furthermore, they have developed their Mountain Warehouse Marketplace to partner with more sellers and brands so that customers can now find a huge variety of quality items across all categories in one convenient place. Shopping with Mountain Warehouse helps support a better future for all of us!

Mountain Warehouse Sales & Offers

Shopping on a budget and enjoying premium quality should go hand in hand, usually vying for attention for their respective benefits but rarely were two mutually exclusive. Mountain Warehouse offers a way to do both through its collection of clearance sales. 

Regularly updated with deals from 10% off to 70%, shoppers can rest assured that the products at the site are high-quality and available oftentimes at half off the original prices. 

Navigating through these various markdowns is made easier with its product category divisions, ranging from men’s, women’s, winter jackets, footwear, running clothing, and camping goods. So, if you’re in need of outdoor equipment and looking for great deals, be sure to check out what Mountain Warehouse has to offer.

Does Mountain Warehouse Have Good Customer Service?

Mountain Warehouse truly stands out when it comes to customer service. Not only are their customer service representatives knowledgeable and prepared to assist, but they also create a welcoming environment while doing so. 

Even in instances where a problem might require higher-level management to intervene, customers can count on being treated in a patient and attentive manner. From resolving shipping difficulties to providing efficient answers for inquiries, the customer experience at Mountain Warehouse is nothing short of excellent. 

It’s clear that this brand recognizes that satisfying customers is an essential component of their business, thus making their dedication to customer service one of the most appealing parts about them.

Is Mountain Warehouse A Sustainable Brand?

Mountain Warehouse takes the principles of sustainability seriously, and has implemented business policies that are aligned to some of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

This includes guaranteeing equal opportunities and compensation for all its employees regardless of gender. To emphasize this point, it has even gone as far as to publish salary reports on its website, letting customers know how the company normalizes pay rates for males and females. 

In terms of product sustainability, they use ethical materials such as wool and cotton that are monitored carefully, but they also implement recycled material in their products whenever possible. It’s no wonder why many people choose Mountain Warehouse as their favorite brand to rely on when purchasing items.

Mountain Warehouse prides itself on offering the right size for their range of products. This means that customers are made aware of exactly what they’re getting in terms of sizing and can feel reassured that they won’t be disappointed upon receipt, which is a far cry from some other brands who have been known to occasionally promise one thing, but deliver another. 

This dependable guarantee of the correct size item takes away a lot of the risk associated with online shopping and leaves Mountain Warehouse customers feeling both pleased with their purchase and secure in their purchase decision.

FAQs: Mountain Warehouse Review

Q 1: Who Manufactures Mountain Warehouse Clothing?

A 1: Mountain Warehouse was established in 1997 as the retail affiliate of UK-based outdoor gear and apparel maker Karrimor International.

Q 2: Where Are The Clothes From Mountain Warehouse Made?

A 2: Our cotton clothing is supplied from Bangladesh and India, and 24% of the cotton in our casual collection is cotton that has received organic certification. Several of the products, such footwear and accessories, that we do import from China have cotton components.

Q 3: Is Mountain Warehouse Refundable?

A 3: An item must be returned within 30 days of delivery if you want to do so. Unfortunately, unless the item is defective, mislabeled, or improperly described, they cannot accept a return for a refund after 30 days have passed after you received the item. Also, you can exchange or return an item in one of their stores.

Final Thoughts

Mountain Warehouse is a great place to buy quality outdoor apparel at an affordable price. Their clothing, gear and equipment are all made with the highest standards and they offer an extensive range of these items to ensure you get exactly what you need. 

The customer service at their stores is known to be friendly and helpful and each product comes with a unique 30-day satisfaction guaranteed policy. Be sure to check out their website or visit one of their locations next time you’re in the market for new outdoor gear!