Elon Musk replies to Jack Sweeny, the teenager who hacks his private jet movements

Musk calls Biden a ‘damp sock puppet in human form’ after the president highlighted EV production by GM and Ford — but not Tesla

On Thursday, Elon Musk took a shot at Vice President Joe Biden for leaving Tesla out of a meeting regarding domestic electric vehicle production.

Courtesy: Yahoo News

“When I declared that the future will be built right here in America, I meant it. GM and Ford are producing more electric vehicles in the United States than ever before “On Wednesday, Biden sent out a tweet. A video of him conversing with GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra was included in the tweet, and they addressed the company’s $7 billion commitment in producing electric vehicles and battery cells in Michigan. “Starts with a T, Ends with an A, ESL in the middle,” Musk said on the post.

A Twitter user later remarked on Biden’s video, saying, “The craziness has reached epic proportions… Joe Biden and Mary Barra should be ashamed of themselves for lying, it’s so minor.” “Biden is a damp sock puppet in human form,” Musk said, using the sock emoji.

Musk is no stranger to slamming Biden. He’s slammed the president’s domestic agenda’s centerpiece, the Build Back Better climate and spending plan, speculated that Biden is “dominated by unions,” and quipped that Biden was “still sleeping” when the White House didn’t comment on Space X’s historic, private space voyage. This was not always the case.

Despite only selling 26 electric trucks last quarter, Tesla is expected to lead the EV industry by 2025. Musk responded, “They show up to have some area for enhancement.” Musk isn’t a stranger to criticizing Biden. He’s torched the centerpiece of the president’s housing program, an environment and also budget known as Build Back Better, speculated that Biden is ” regulated by unions,” and joked that Biden was ” still resting ” when the White House didn’t issue a statement on Space X’s historic, exclusive area trip. This was not always the case. Musk gushed to Fortune after Biden was sworn in, saying he was “very displeased that the brand-new management is focused on the environment.”

However, he has expressed sadness for America’s de facto gerontocracy, advocating for a “simply listed below 70” age restriction, which would have rendered Biden and also prior President Donald Trump ineligible. When he disagreed with Trump, the world’s wealthiest man was equally outspoken. In 2016, he criticized Trump’s personality, suggesting that he was unfit to be president “.. Mr. Musk, “Like many others in Silicon Valley and the broader service sector, I was enraged by the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreements. However, he would undoubtedly defend Trump from time to time. ” It may be arguable, but I actually like the suggestion,” Musk said of Trump in 2018.