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Elon Musk is all set to bring its broadband internet service STARNET to the Indian customers. The pre orders can be made by the country nationals at the booking price of Rs.7200. The expected time frame of delivery of service is in the year 2022 through the satellites that have been launched by the SpaceX into the orbits successfully.


The present status of the service is that it is under beta testing phase but the prospective and interested users can check for details. The site will provide messages to make it available to limited number of users as per the desired geographical location.


Starlink is a service provided by Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) headquartered in California founded by Elon Musk. It is a prominent space transportation service company. Recently the company gained buzz by launching highest number of spacecrafts in a single mission. The company valuation currently stands at $ 74 billion.


STARLINK is a promising service but you need to get insights into the highlights of it which are :


  • High Speed and Low latency is the major focus.
  • The speed promised right at the moment is 150mbps although a serious increase is expected in coming times.
  • It is quite easy to set up and install. The only things needed are your starlink, wi-fi, Fi router, a good power supply, cables and mounting tripod.
  • Latency is the prime most feature as it tries to reduce the time to transfer the data. The satellite’s location are quite preferable making it more accessible from Earth.
  • The major reason for its targeting India is that it is suitable for rural & remote communities that are not able to access the service.
  • A team of astronomers have been deployed to understand the engineering dynamics so that it is suitable for every possible situation.
  • The biggest reliability factor is that it is engineered by SpaceX itself; which has immense experience in this field making it the leading provider of launch services across the globe.


The interested customers are said to register themselves on the website with the aforesaid amount. The amount is said to be refundable. The prospective details have to be filled in to check in the location accessibility. In case the eligibility is fulfilled; payments would be made and the billing process would continue further.

The point to be focused is that the services would be primarily made available on the principle of first come & first serve basis. The necessary regulatory approvals will be taken in mind before delivery of service in international locations.

Elon Musk has been promising a lot on the shoulders on STARLINK by making the speed double in 2021 to reduction in the latency speed in the coming times to come.

 The targets  are to reach 12000 satellites that would be capable of delivering a humungous speed of 1 Gbps. Its undoubtedly amazing but the question is will it be a competition with the cellular space that is targeting 5G & 6G.

But the telecom sector should be on their toes to understand the threats as coming forth in the near future.




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