Exchanges are always dynamic and active. Therefore, the National stock exchange of India’s subsidiary NSE Data & Analytics Ltd. Is in the news as it has invested in a tech start up capital quant solutions ltd. The understanding and details of the matter are mentioned below.



National stock exchange is engaged in trading while its data & information products are given through separate company which is its subsidiary NSE Data & Analytics Ltd. It provides different forms of data mentioned as below:


  • On line streaming data
  • Snapshot data
  • End of day data
  • Historical data
  • Corporate data
  • Fixed Income Valuations

The other major companies are NSE Academy, NSE Foundation, NSEIT, NSE Infotech, NSE Clearing and International Clearing.



The CQS is a firm engaged in making structured data from the unstructured documents. It was founded by Pravin Lal; founder & CEO of Linkedin. They use machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain market share making it easy for the document to be analyzed. They make your journey quite easy from documents to knowledge.

The team has professionals who are in banking, marketing domain, cognitive technologies and NLP. They offer a solution known as FinStinct that enables to make information in accordance with the current century parameters. It has the ability to get integrated with the current information systems. It offers benefits like productivity, risk mitigation and more insightful knowledge.



Pravin Lal, founder of Capital Quants Solutions said “Our relationship with the exchange started with NSE being a customer for our flagship product, FinStinct. Over time this relationship has grown not just in terms of the size of the engagement but has also grown at a strategic level. Today, we offer cognitive automation to various functions & divisions within the exchange and we also have the exchange as an investor in us.”

Vikram Limaye, CEO of NSE also said that this investment is a part of the entire portfolio of investment that the exchange does in the field of robotics, digital, robotics, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning in order to bring growth in the areas of start-ups & incubators.

These partnerships are done to strengthen the position of NSE in the domain of technology & leadership.



When we talk about digitalization; its very important to focus upon the fact that the foundation is laid on data. The data which whether big or small is of immense importance to handle every possible situation whether its in the market or in the business.

Market drives on the basis of data and data is to be more simplified & structured to make it meaningful for the upcoming ventures.

That is what the basis of this investment as NSE with CQS can lead to good & efficient data management solutions that help to render the requisite functions as per the standards. Therefore; the step to revive & make these startup grow as fast as possible should be the top most priority of the companies right now. The similar scale diversification would benefit both of them quite sustainably.