Multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat is planning to release Snapchat+ premium subscription features soon.

New Snapchat+ with paid subscription soon

Multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat is planning to release Snapchat+ with premium subscription features soon.

According to a company spokesperson, users subscribing to a new service named Snapchat+ can get access to premium features. Features such as pinning friends on top of the list, premium stickers and special badges will be available on Snapchat+.

Access to special icons, data about how many friends rewatched stories, and the ability to see your orbit with BFF are all reportedly part of the paid subscription.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known leaker, and reverse engineer tweeted more details available to him regarding the new Snapchat +. According to Paluzzi, Snapchat+ will come in three plans – a 1-month plan costing 4.59 Euro, 24.99 Euro for 6 months and a 12-month costing plan of 45.99 Euro.

According to the spokesperson of Snap Inc, premium features are now in the stages of early testing. Subscribers are to receive updates regarding pre-release features and other information soon. Reviews and experience of users will enable the messaging app to update and be most efficient.

Snapchat is not the first in the segment of social media apps to come up with premium paid features. Earlier, Telegram had announced its intention to release a separate telegram service, which can be accessed through a subscription.

Other social media apps with premium subscription

Telegram Premium reportedly has features such as 4 GB Upload size, faster downloads and voice-to-text conversion. Other features include premium stickers, profile badges, and animated profile pictures.

Twitter and Instagram are also working on premium versions of their social media platforms.

With the majority of users being young people, Snapchat has a different following than other social media platforms.


With all social media giants stepping up the ante on premium subscription services, customers have confusion regarding the future of normal services. Few users believe that companies will try to monetise the non-premium platforms using ads.

Snapchat was founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, all former students at Stanford University. As of 2021, the approximate net worth of the company is $25 Billion.