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Nimesa Technologies secured $1M from Ideaspring Capital

Ideaspring Capital, a Venture Capital Fund, which invests in an early stage enterprise product startups, has now invested close to $1 million in the Nimesa Technology Pvt Ltd, a startup that has developed a cloud-native protection software which improves recovery time multi-fold.

Nimesa was co-founded Rajesh and Tapesh, bot having expertise in data and storage management verticals.

Nimesa’s patent-pending ADM virtualization technology creates an instant virtual copy of servers, critical and database applications. This even allows the users to create full backups and recovery from those virtual copies within minutes as opposed to days or hours.

“As businesses are migrating their critical workloads in the cloud and most of the new businesses being cloud-native and vulnerable to increase in cyber-attacks, a robust enterprise-grade data protection system for the cloud-native workload is mandatory. At Nimesa, we are building cloud-native, enterprise-grade data protection, copy data management product which is scalable, highly secure, cost-effective, and simple to use,” says Tapesh Goyal, CEO and Co-founder of Nimesa.



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