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Oh No: Keanu Reeves Is Into NFTs Now
Keanu Reeves and his partner Alexandra Grant have joined the efforts of the Futureverse Foundation, a foundation focused on NFTs and the arts.

Keanu Reeves

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It has been revealed that Neo has swallowed the red crypto tablet. Founded by Keanu Reeves and his wife Alexandra Grant, the Futureverse Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to encourage new methods of time travel and art in the metaverse.

“The Matrix” actor and Grant, a visual artist, want to make it clear that they are taking NFTs very seriously together. He takes what he says very seriously. It has been stated by The Hollywood Reporter that an unnamed philanthropic organization would assist artists in the creation and commercialization of their metaverse NFTs. Aside from the fact that there hasn’t been any clarification from the organization, The company has hired the well-known duo to act as an adviser. The foundation’s goal is to make the metaverse more accessible to artists from marginalized groups since NFTs are seen as a valid form of art rather than an abstract idea that can be readily duplicated as counterfeits. As a legitimate artistic medium, many people consider NFTs.

When I think about the Futureverse Foundation, I get an idea of what it may be. What options would we have if we were given the chance to create a new economic system based on the exchange of cultural goods? The Hollywood Reporter cites what he stated We’re all still getting accustomed to the concept that technology, Hollywood, and the arts can all coexist in such a delightful manner.

When we called Reeves to ask about the foundation, he didn’t return our call right away; but, if he does, we’ll keep you updated on any further developments.

However, Keanu Reeves made it clear precisely six months ago when he was asked about NFTs that he had no interest in them. To market The Matrix: Resurrections, a December 2021 interview with The Verge said that Reeves could not bear the development of non-fungible coins. On the subject of Bitcoin, the actor said that someone had given him some cryptocurrency, but he had yet to use it. On the subject of whether or not he was interested in bitcoin, he gave this remark. Slouching and laughing, he murmured something to the effect of “easily replicated” when we discussed digital scarcity and NFTs. Reeves has stated the hope that Facebook will not get access to the metaverse as a favorable outcome of this predicament.

I feel compelled to call attention to something obvious. As shown in 1999’s dystopian film The Matrix, human beings are harvested for their energy while being connected to a normal suburban digital reality. The “Matrix” is where this occurs. Our discussion of how to make money in a digital world is now taking place in 2022. This criticism is now a major part of those talks. All in all, it’s a fulfilling experience that brings everything full circle.



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