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Ola Electric Sent Takedown Notice by Customer After Data Breach
An accident involving an electric scooter has sparked questions about data privacy and integrity.

After a lot of back and forth between Ola Electric and one of their customers who recently got into an accident, their conversations have now caused Ola Electric to be accused of personal data breach. The customer has questioned Ola Electric’s privacy and integrity of their so-called secure data.

The customer has now issued a takedown notice to the company for apparently violating their own terms and conditions of data privacy and even making the scooter’s telemetry data public.

Telemetry data is technology that Ola Electric uses to get data and information about their electric vehicles which gets transferred to their database and servers remotely. This data is meant to be private and only allowed to be accessed by the company and the owner of the electric vehicle.

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This is not the first spat between this particular customer and Ola electric as he has already complained to Ola about the faulty breaks that constantly fail or just not strong enough. Ola Electric has also been facing many issues recently, with faulty parts, the vehicle breaking down, losing charge quickly or just simply not switching on. The company makes headlines almost everyday due to some issue.

According to Lawyer Reetam Singh, he was driving in the night in Guwahati, Assam, at around 60 kmph when he spotted a speed breaker. He had applied to brakes accordingly, but the scooter malfunctioned, increased in speed and he ended up flying in the air and injuring himself badly. The accident left him with a broken arm and multiple other gashes and wounds all over his body.

After conducting investigation from their side, the realised that the man was over speeding in the dark roads and applied the brakes too late in a state of panic. This caused him to lose control of the vehicle which ended up as an accident. The company even published the data and proof on their social media.

Reetam’s father, Balwant said that the company conducted their investigations behind closed doors and that there is no proof that they tampered with the data, or even just posted fabricated numbers. He went to say that if they had done all this in front of him, he would not have questioned it. He also said that the company should not have posted all that data to public for everyone to see which is a breach of their contract.

Ola electric have been drowning in a myriad of issues and controversy ever since their inception and only time will tell if they make it out of the mud.