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OneLife Nutriscience bags undisclosed funding from Wipro Consumer Care


Source: Adgully.com

OneLife Nutriscience is a Mumbai-based healthcare brand company that deals in nutraceutical products revolving around mental well-being, physical fitness and immunity. Recently, the start-up has announced to have raised an undisclosed amount of funding in round led by Wipro Consumer Care Ventures which is the venture capital arm of Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting.

Founded back in 2019 by Gaurab Aggarwal, OneLife is a brand founded with 20+ years of experience dealing with one of the most important issues of all times that centre around physical fitness, mental health and immunity. The company was started with an aim to provide everyone with the one life done right mentality. The brand ensures the best nutrition, beauty and wellness available for all.

Having said that, according to the company profile on Crunchbase, it is mentioned that OneLife Nutriscience has previously raised INR 50 million in its Seed financing round back in 2019 from a group of High Net-worth Individuals from multiple industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare, as mentioned in a report by Inc42.

OneLife Nutriscience is one of the best brands that deals with healthcare products in India which directly competes with companies like HealthKart, Possible, Guardian Healthcare and Wellversed. The Mumbai-based start-up is known for its products wherein more than 70 products are scientifically researched across FMCG items, sports nutrition, beauty categories, superfoods etc., according to a report by Inc42.

According to a 2019 report, it is mentioned that when the company previously raised funds, it mentioned utilising the INR 50 million funding to expand its product portfolio, expand across more geographies and work on the increasing offline and online demand for its products. Furthermore, the company mentioned investing in building the brand and marketing of OneLife Nutriscience along with hiring talent from all across the country.

With increasing awareness about health and fitness, OneLife is head-to-head competing with some of the most heard names in this category. The health and fitness businesses are running at an autonomous pace by now because of high demand from the market. People today are more and more into physical health and mental fitness which has led to an increase in demand. The COVID-19 lockdown was a good time for people to focus on their physical fitness and post- COVID, businesses like HealthKart, OneLife and others are on an all-time high. The number of health-conscious individuals in India is growing day by day and is expected to grow even more in the coming future. Correct business decisions can take businesses in this sector, way above profitability.



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