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ParCare under fire for allegedly wrongly obtaining vaccine
ParCare responsible for distribution of Covid vaccine is under fire for fraudulently obtaining it


According to one of the top doctors in New York, doses of the coronavirus vaccine may have been wrongfully obtained and circulated in parts of New York by ParCare.


The commissioner for the state’s department of health, Dr. Howard Zucker received reports about ParCare community Health Network wrongfully obtaining the vaccine and then illegally transporting it to facilities in different parts of the state.


The vaccine doses that were meant for frontline workers found a way around this rule of the government to be circulated to members of the public. The initial rollout of the vaccine in New York was limited to nursing homes and hospitals.


ParCare Community Health Network is recognized by the state as a supplier in Orange County. Its administrative branches run all through various Brooklyn areas and the Upper East Side.


Through a social media post on Facebook on December 16 ParCare, the community offered vaccine doses on a first come first serve basis. The people who signed up for receiving the vaccine include people with underlying problems, the elderly, and people at high-risk. ParCare also shared the pictures of the vaccine on their Twitter handle a week later which stated that the company has received thousands of doses of the coronavirus vaccine.


Towards the end of October, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reported an organization with ParCare to build the accessibility of fast testing in a few areas all through Borough Park and Williamsburg. Mayor Bill de Blasio has stated that around 50,000 people in New York have already been vaccinated against Covid-19.


A ParCare representative said the organization followed all Department of Health methodology for getting the Moderna vaccine and was endorsed by the state and Centers for Disease Control for appropriation. That individual additionally gave Rozner the email from the state health department allotting 2,300 dosages, and a pressing slip sending the Moderna vaccine shipments to its Monroe, New York area.


ParCare on this issue said that the government verbally approved the distribution of vaccines to different locations. Dr. Lee sternly said that the guidelines need to be publicized much more aggressively. The City Department of Health revealed to CBS2 inhabitants should contact their essential consideration supplier on the off chance that they don’t know what need bunch they fall under.


In the midst of the examination, ParCare said it has given the entirety of its excess portions back to the state and wants to work with the state to guarantee it gives the second portion to patients.



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