Paytm Payments Bank gets RBI approval to appoint Surinder Chawla as CEO

As according to Mint, Paytm Payments Bank has obtained confirmation from the Reserve Bank of India to nominate Surinder Chawla, the current Chairman of Financial Institutions, India, RBL Bank, as its new CEO.

Satish Kumar Gupta, the former Chief executive of Wallet Payments Bank, decided to step down in October of last year. Having followed that, Paytm officially confirmed that it was going consider hiring a comprehensive CEO once “regulatory changes” have always been obtained. Deependra Singh Rathore has indeed been trying to serve as interim President for the time being.

In accordance with the report, various sides who may have been aware of the developments have confirmed the information to Mint. Surinder has been employed by RBL Bank for nearly ten years. Prior to it anyway, he would have been the chairman of HDFC Bank’s Retail Liabilities Product Group.

In accordance with the survey, a whole other spokesperson confirmed that RBL Bank has now been bringing up development encourages for just some time. Following the report, Paytm and the RBI both declined to elaborate on the progression.

Paytm Payments Bank has been subjected to investigative process for the last several months. The RBI commanded Paytm Payments Bank to start allowing existing consumers with significant consequences in May of last year. The RBI had instructed Paytm to designate an IT accounting firm and undertake an independent review of its IT system based to material top management issues.

The RBI disallowed Paytm’s subsidiary’s implementation that provide payment analytics company services to large retailers in November. It commanded Paytm Payments Bank to resend a registration for money transfer blogging platform customer authorization in less than 120 calendar days. But since, the organization has only worked directly with established shopkeepers.

Paytm explained in a statement with the BSE: “This will not have substance impact on our operations or tax receipts because the RBI correspondence only appears to apply to the recruitment and selection process of new ecommerce platforms. We can keep on accepting new connected to the internet retailers and to provide payment processing such like All-in-One QR, Soundbox, Card Machines, and so on.”