Paytm Reaches Out To A Wider Audience With Brand-New POS Device
Paytm introduces proprietary Points-Of-Sale device

Paytm, on Tuesday, announced that it would be introducing its very own POS devices. The Noida-based e-commerce payment company, unveiled on twitter that the “All-In-One” device will be an instrument for all billing and payment needs.

The All-In-One POS is capable of recognizing multiple payment methods and single reconciliation. Paytm’s machine will allow for acceptance of payment from non-Paytm platforms, including UPI, and credit/debit cards. 


The platform will also allow for GST compliant billing. Paytm promises that the POS device will enable business to track sales, purchases and store performance, as well as enabling businesses to directly file GST returns. The program promises to extend Paytm’s reach and applicability, and is a testament to the company’s continuous growth and development since its inception.