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Pepper Content Raises $14 Million Investment
Pepper Content helps companies create content through its talent marketplace network of freelance creators

Content strategies market place business 2 business Pepper Content recently announced that the company has raised funds amounting to $ 14.3 million USD in their latest rounding of funding. This round was primarily led by Bessemer Venture Partners an American based venture capital fund company.

Many more fund management companies took part in the round such as Tanglin Venture Partners as well investors who are already vested in the start-up company such as Lightspeed and Titan Capital as well as many other well-known names in the world of Indian start-ups and unicorns such as Ritesh Agarwal who is the founder of Oyo as well as Gokul Rajaram who is one of the top brasses at Doordash.

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Pepper Content is a start-up company that provides the best content and marketing strategies to their clients so that they stand out in an ocean of content with various companies trying to get the attention of potential customers. The company was founded 5 years ago back in 2017 and its head office is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company has a strong team of independent content creators which include writers, graphic designers, editors and so many more in the digital art field.

The co-founder of the company, Mr. Anirudh Singla said that the company collaborates alongside with the best creative talents of the country who have a varied knowledge and interest in various fields and industries and they even have to undergo a long process and test to ensure that they will be good fit for the company. These tests even check their knowledge of languages and so on.

According to the company, they have over 1 lakh freelancers working with them and they have close to 3000 clients they are working with.

When asked what the company plans to do with this fresh batch of funds, the spokes people said that they plan to scale up their business internationally and enter the United States and have a wide presence there.

They also plan to diversify the operations they already have and open up new services in graphic designing and language translations which will help the company in creating a much wider content which will not only improve the content but also increase the number of people who can view it.

They currently have translation and other language services for 45 various languages including 15 South Asians ones but they plan to increase that number.