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Pinterest is an American image sharing service used to save and discover information on the internet with the help of images. The site was launched in December 2009 and has garnered more than 400 million monthly active users as of 2020. With all social media platforms competing to be the best in brand marketing, Pinterest has also decided to enter the race among the other giants.

Pinterest users have been steadily growing and to approach more audiences, Pinterest has launched its first-ever B2B ad campaign, which aims to give users an opportunity to better understand its updated ad account management tools and also to highlight the opportunities available for brands and marketers. The new ‘Be Their Next’ campaign focuses on the factors, that differentiate Pinterest from the rest of the social media platforms, and encourages brands and companies to get engaged in that chain to enhance their connection with its audience.

Pinterest explained that:-

“On Pinterest, you can be their next. Not only can you reach your audience here – you can be just the thing they were looking for. Their next try. Their next save. Their next buy. From inspiring auto advertisers to market their sustainable vehicles to helping beauty brands position up-and-coming indie beauty looks, the campaign videos speak to five different advertiser verticals.”

Pinterest aims to push forward and educate people about the opportunities it provides in Pin marketing and also about its growing potential. With more than 450 million monthly active users, brands and marketers might have been sleeping on a goldmine. Spending a little time to understand the utilities of the app might help brands to tap into their audience.

The new campaign is being launched in selected states like the US, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia starting this week. Pinterest is also launching a new business access ad account management process, which will provide brands with more options in managing their ad accounts, and giving permissions to partners and employees. These new tools from Pinterest are guaranteed to expand their business opportunities.

These new additions to Pinterest have not yet been globally released, but, it is expected to be available to all soon.





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