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Postmates workers are getting scammed out of their earnings
All of this is due to a phishing scam


Postmates drivers are recently getting calls from individuals who pretend to be Postmates representatives, and they tend to encourage the specialists to give over their login subtleties, generally under the pretense that it’s important to keep a driver account on favorable terms or evade cases of misrepresentation.

How are the scammers doing it tho?

When the con artists acquire that data, they switch the check card data on the record, Postmates sets aside week-by-week installments of a laborer’s profit, yet moment moves can likewise be mentioned, and later on channel the entire equilibrium of all that is in there. The Markup has addressed many Postmates gig laborers who’ve been gone after with this trick, and others are utilizing Reddit and online media to caution their kindred drivers about phishing and social designing endeavors.

The obscure call for the most part comes in just after a request. (Submitting a request permits the culprits to effortlessly arrive at their Postmates driver by telephone.) Some tricksters have ventured to such an extreme as to include cafés in their plan.

Is Postmates doing enough for the drivers?

Drivers say that Postmates isn’t doing what’s necessary to make them mindful of the phishing danger, which has just developed more normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tricksters are continuously exploiting how rushed and occupied these gig laborers frequently are, so drivers are requesting more protects in the application.

One recommendation that can be taken into consideration is a programmed hang on a driver account at whatever points the store data changes, just to give some more opportunity to keep a specialist’s cash from being directed out. Another measure that could help would be a guest ID that unmistakably distinguishes when a call is coming from a Postmates client account.

Postmates says it has executed two-factor validation and can obstruct cashouts if extortion is suspected. Yet, drivers that have been hit by the trick say the organization is difficult to reach, so they have little expected recovering their lost profit. The entire story at The Markup merits a read — but then more motivation to tip well at whatever point you incline toward the gig economy.




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