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Problems In The Existing Cryptocurrency Solution.

Secret keys are difficult to remember but a way easier to lose. Thus, managing them becomes an issue. We do lose our funds associated with our blockchain account if we lose these valuable keys. It would be best if you neither forgot them nor reveal them to anyone. If someone accidentally steals your private keys, then he might operate them without your knowledge. It might seem that you access your account, but somebody else might be accessing it.

The risks associated with these keys make it hard for the new ones to interact with blockchains and other currencies. The main motive of using crypto custody is to keep our assets safe.

Private keys are a combination of alphabets and numbers to conduct transactions and our crypto wallets, but they are tough to remember and are more suspectable to hacks.

Several methods are there to store private keys like paper or a hard disc or any other equipment that is not connected to the Internet. In case we lose them at any cost, waves wallet recovery becomes next to impossible. It’s risky to lose the private keys, even scarier if an investment organization loses their keys.

You can create your account in Waves.exchange which ensures your privacy in a better way. In wavesliteclient wallet there is no .dat file which keeps your private keys but a SEED which grants you to access them. The SEED is a string of 15words or a phrase to your  funds. 

According to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation act, any investor who has customer assets of more than $150,000 must hold their holdings to a qualified custodian. These may include banks or other savings associations, or any broker who is registered. Commission merchants and foreign institutions are also included here.

Within the cryptocurrency world, few banks offer custodian services.

If a third party is involved in storing your assets, it’s become the solution to your crypto custody. An institutional organization which holds a large number of funds, bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies must hire a third party for security purpose. The solutions may be a combination of hot or cold storage purposes. Cold storage is when the cryptocurrency is not connected to the Internet and hot when connected to the Internet.

The big players, namely Goldman Sachs, are providing solutions to the crypto space to bridge the gap between the investment market and cryptocurrency. The regular clarity of the security provisions in the crypto is still absent in this generation. Necessary rules and regulations are made and imposed on it. Businesses still is not clear about it. This industry will surely need some time to evolve.

Cryptocurrency investment might be the biggest industry in the near future. Players from a variety of industries are taking an interest in bitcoin investment. Currently, it is not that big enough to produce revenues for the insurance industry, but it is most likely to acquire it in the near future. Hope you enjoyed this!



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