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pTron Tangent Urban specification and pricing details
Specifications and price for the pTron Tangent Urban

pTron has been popularly known for providing the best audio devices for us all! With that being set, now again pTron is coming with their new product Tangent Urban.

pTron Tangent Urban – Specification and Pricing

pTron Tangent Urban - Specification and Pricing

pTron Tangent Urban – Specification and Pricing
Image Credits: pTron

In India, pTron will release another low-cost audio gadget. The future audio gadget is known as the pTron Tangent Urban. It is a Bluetooth Neckband available in three colors: Magic Blue, Ocean Green, and Fav Black.

The pTron Tangent Urban is a new addition to the brand’s Tangent Neckband collection. This Bluetooth earpiece will be available for purchase on Amazon on May 18th at 12 PM. It will be available for Rs.799. The pTron Tangent Urban will be available for Rs.99 to the first 100 clients on the day of sale.

The pTron Tangent Urban has a whopping 60 hours of playing. This is one of the longest playtimes in the section. The audio gadget has a sturdy design and a premium, long-lasting structure. It has a low latency of 50ms, which allows you to play games with no sound lag in real-time.

pTron Tangent Urban - Specification

pTron Tangent Urban – Specification
Image Credits: pTron

The DSP ENC innovation is an intriguing feature added to the pTron Tangent Urban earphone. It is a refined and effective Environmental Noise Cancelling Technology that reduces ambient noises by up to 90% for exceptional call clarity. This technology is ideal for internet conferences, meetings, schools, and remote workplaces, both indoors and out.

The pTron Tangent Urban has a 400mAh battery and supports Type-C fast charging. A single charge provides enough power to play over 600 songs or numerous soundtracks.

Advanced and most recent Bluetooth 5.3 version for rapid pairing, easy and error-free communication, and signal transmission. BT antenna location has been optimized to provide greater coverage and a robust signal for uninterrupted streaming up to 10m. The gadget is splash resistant to IPX4.

pTron Tangent Urban has a characteristic pTron sound with 20-band EQ settings. TrueSonic Bass Boost Technology delivers immersive sound in vivid soundscapes with rich bass, balanced highs, and mids with 10mm dynamic Bass boost drivers.




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