Racism at IKEA

IKEAikea is a popular brand all across the world and it is known for its stunning furniture and other houseware. According to recent reports, IKEA staff in Hyderabad has acted racist toward a Manipuri woman. Go through the entire article to learn more.

About the incident

It has been reported that a  Manipuri woman who visited the IKEA store in Hyderabad faced racism as she was frisked and none of the other customers were given a similar treatment. The woman’s husband tweeted expressing his anger about how his wife was frisked for the items that she had bought herself from the store. No one else before them had gone through this treatment. When the staff was questioned about the matter, they proceeded to justify their racist behavior. Her husband, Nitin Sethi, was extremely disappointed with the behavior of the international store.

Customer’s comments

Sunita, the woman who was shown racism in the store also tweeted about the incident saying that she was one of the many people who did shopping at IKEA and she was the only one whose items were checked one after the other. She also found the senior staff in the store extremely unhelpful and questioned IKEA if it encourages this kind of behavior shown to customers.

IKEA’s response

These tweets went viral on Twitter. Many people reacted to these tweets by expressing their disapproval of IKEA’s racist behavior. For a very long time, there was no response from the company. After receiving several negative reactions from people all around the world, IKEA finally responded. The company said that equality was a fundamental human right and they believe in the concept of equality. The behavior shown by the staff was actually mandatory billing protocol. It further the customers who do self-checkout to check at items once again before leaving the store. This practice will prove to be beneficial for both the customers and the store as both parties won’t face problems in the future. The company continued to deny the allegations of racism. It ended its statement by saying that its aim is to provide an improved life for people. Mrs. Sunita responded to this tweet by saying that the matter is not of just getting checked. She wouldn’t have tweeted about the issue if it were just that. She accused the company of not reading her tweet properly and further said that the company is careless and negligent.