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Rakesh Gangwal, Co-Founder of Indigo Donates Rs 100 Crore to IIT Kanpur
This donation is set to improve their new School of Medical Science

IIT Kanpur, has just received a funding of Rs.100 crores from business tycoon, Rakesh Gangwal, the co-founder of Indian budget airlines, Indigo. IIT Kanpur is currently ranked as the fifth best university of India and the fourth best Indian Institute of Technology losing out to the Madras, Delhi, and Bombay branches. Mr. Rakesh Gangwal is also an alumnus of the prestigious university. He graduated from IIT Kanpur with a degree from mechanical engineering.

The university has announced that they will be utilizing the money to construct the School of Medical Sciences a brand new department that IIT Kanpur are set to introduce. These new funds can really fast track the construction process and even allow the department to get access to state of the art technology and resources.

IIT Kanpur by Business Standard

IIT Kanpur also announced that Mr. Rakesh Gangwal will be taking up a new role at the university, becoming a member of the advisory board of the School of Medical Sciences. Having such a prestigious and successful alumnus as a board member will only boost the goodwill of the school and university as a whole.

IIT Kanpur’s School of Medical Science will not only have facilities to teach and learn about the subject but is even set to contain a training hospital to let the students get an experience of working in a hospital from the comfort of their own campus. This new department now will place IIT Kanpur as a top tier, world renowned multi-disciplinary university as they will offer engineering, technology and life science courses in the near future.

The IIT-Kanpur is looking to blend the subjects of medicine along with engineering to create a mix of courses that is suited to the new digital world. IIT Kanpur is looking to create a new discipline of courses that will not only set them apart from other universities but even makes them different and more attractive compared to other IITs across the nation. The school of Medical Sciences is set to span an area of 23 acres which converts to around a million square feet! Spanning a total of 1055 acres and having over 14,000 students, IIT Kanpur is one of the largest universities in South Asia. The university is essentially a mini city as it already contains shops, and other services with the area. The construction has already begun and the first phase is tentatively set to be complete with the next five years