Reliance Buys Soft Drink Brand Campa

Recent reports suggest that Reliance has bought the soft drink brand Campa as it announces its entry into the FMCG sector. Go through the entire article to learn more about this news.

Takeover of Campa

So as per reports, Reliance group has bought Campa. The deal is predicted to be about 22 crores. Sources claim that the company will start selling its products in the local markets around the festival of lights i.e. Diwali. Currently, the local soft drinks are getting overpowered by American ones in the country. Jallan food products are in charge of the packaging for now. This acquisition will help Reliance enter the FMCG sector with ease.

Indian FMCG market

According to various reports, the Indian FMCG market is worth over $ 100 billion. The main players in the market are HUL, Nestle, etc., and other homegrown companies like Dabur, Emami, etc. Isha Ambani has given a hint that the company will soon start launching its products. In order to grow in the FMCG sector, Reliance has contacted several makers.

Pure Drinks Group History

This company brought Coca-Cola to India in the year 1949 which flourished in the market. This success only lasted till 1977 because Coke was asked to leave. After this, the company was able to rule over the market for 15 years. The lack of foreign competition helped the company gain the trust of customers and it gained popularity in the country. In some years with the coming of foreign competition, pure drinks faded into the background. Currently, it is sold in some markets that too in limited numbers. As per reports, The current value of the soft drinks/carbonated drinks market in India is valued at 13,460 crores and will approximately reach 34,964 crores by financial year crores in the financial year 2027.

About FMCG

For those who don’t know what FMCG exactly is, it stands for fast-moving consumer goods. It might interest you to know that it is India’s fourth largest sector. The easy way to FMCG is the good that sell off quickly and also cheap like milk, soft drinks etc. These commodities generally have a short shelf life. These goods are purchased very frequently and therefore sell off fast. These products do not bring along many profits as they are extremely cheap. FMCG can be divided into durable, non-durable goods and services. Durable goods are the ones that last for a long period of time and non-durable goods are the ones that do not last for a long period of time. These goods are a part of everyone’s life.