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Resident Evil 4 VR getting free Mercenaries Mode in 2022

Resident Evil 4 VR players will also be able to experience it through the new Meta Quest 2 – formerly Oculus Quest 2. Unlike other ported versions, the Quest 2 version only comes with the main campaign but, it looks like Capcom does have a roadmap planned for additional content like this. The Mercenaries game mode will appear in 2022. Thanks to this video leak, we now know that the mercenaries will appear next year. While a spokesman for Meta (before called Facebook) confirmed that Ada, Mercenaries, and Separate Via will be out, it looks like the mercenaries are returning.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Credit @ Capcom

It lacks and fans complain about the mercenary regime. If you have seen the leaked trailer, Meta has rebranded “Oculus Quest 2” with a new name and logo, making it the “Meta Quest 2.” The rebranding also involves the Oculus website. Meta intends to rebrand the Oculus brand in 2022 to catch up with the debut of mercenaries.

If you have not played a non-VR game on the console or PC, the mercenary is a temporary mode and you must kill as many enemies as possible before the time runs out. “The Mercenary” is an arcade action movie that appears from time to time in the Resident Evil series, and its appearance and disappearance are unpredictable. Fans of the legend will remember that the mercenary is an arcade-style mode that accompanies Resident Evil 4 and other games in the legend, where the goal is to destroy the enemy within the specified time and get the highest possible score.

The trailer did not mention if the Resident Evil 4 VR mercenary mode will feature multiplayer games. As noted in the PC Gamer report, two unlockable pieces of content from the original game are not available for the VR version. Two other unlocks are also missing from the VR version, Assignment Ada and Separate Ways. Every Resi 4 has included it before the VR port, so it’s a welcome return.

The VR version has remained pretty much the same except for a couple of changes. Some dialogue and scenes have been removed from Resident Evil 4 VR because they are suggestive. For the first time, you will be able to play with different characters from the game and the universe.

Meta plans to ditch the Oculus brand in 2022, in time for the potential launch of The Mercenaries. The transformation has also appeared on the Oculus website, with an embossed logo and the Metas name in the upper left corner. All of this is part of the transition from Facebook to the Meta, as part of the Facebook metaverse.



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