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Samsung plans to ditch power adapters after mocking Apple

Just after the Apple incident in October where Samsung ridiculed the organization for excluding the chargers in the iPhone 12 box and furthermore eliminating it from the more seasoned models. Yes, that’s right Samsung plans to ditch power adapters. Presently, rumor has it that the Galaxy S21’s documentation recommends that it will likewise not accompany a charger in the box.

As announced by the Brazilian site Tecnoblog, the new Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra have quite recently been endorsed by ANATEL in Brazil. The new gadgets go by the codenames SM-G991B/DS, SM-G996B/DS, and SM-G998B/DS, individually.

While the documentation recorded at ANATEL doesn’t uncover a lot of insight concerning  Galaxy cell phones, it uncovers an essential change in the setup of Samsung’s telephones for the following year. ANATEL says that every one of the three new Galaxy S21 models won’t have a charger coming along in the box. It also states that the devices will not come with earphones either.

What does Twitter have to say about Samsung’s Plans To Ditch Power Adapters?

This doesn’t come as an amazement since gossipy tidbits previously anticipated that Samsung plans to ditch power adapters for its future cell phones, yet ironically the organization keeps on ridiculing Apple yet then it does likewise things later. A couple of years back, the South Korean organization poked fun at Apple for eliminating the earphone jack from the iPhone in 2017, at that point, the Galaxy Note 10 was presented in 2019 without the earphone jack — much the same as the iPhone.




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