Samsung’s new project Neon aims to create AI-Humans

We all say and talk about AI being the future. Humans living in a society surrounded by machines that behave and look like real people, Sounds like a story? Doesn’t it. Well, Samsung’s new Project Neon, has done somewhat that in a restricted manner. So, we can say in a way that the company has successfully created AI-humans and brought them into the real world. Samsung showcased their project NEON in CES 2021 and announced 3 commercial products based on it alongside.

About Project Neon/AI-Humans

Samsungs project NEON is a smarter version of a personal assistant. It looks and interacts like a human through a screen and helps in its users’ daily chores. It is basically a program powered by ML and AI that keeps learning and adapting based on the usage case scenario. And it’s not just a prototype; the products based on it will be commercially available for normal consumers. These products are the Neon Frame, Neon View, and the Neon Studio.

1) Neon Frame

Samsung unveils products based on Project neon

As you can guess by the name, the Neon Frame is a large display with a 4k panel. The display shows the assistant, and because of its huge size, it actually looks very realistic. Interacting with the personal assistant using the Neon Frame is very subtle and feels like talking to a normal human-being behind glass. At the same time, the display also has high-quality sound, security systems, biometric authentication, payment methods, and more. This product by the company seems to be a suitable gadget for malls, airports, stations, and large stores to help users out.

2) Neon View

Samsung unveils products based on Project neon

Well, the Neon Frame is bound to be expensive and not for everyone. So, Samsung has designed an app called the Neon view for those people. The app will let users have conversations over video calls with chatbots as if they were real people. It also uses Samsung’s powerful algorithms and processing to provide real-time, life-like responses to users. The offering from Samsung is surely going to be much smarter than other virtual assistants out there.

3) Neon Studio


Samsung has also announced the Neon Studio for professional creators. The tool is going to be very useful for users to make videos. One can input scripts, moods, tones to the software, and the assistant will read it out, keeping all the details intact. One can also manipulate the speaking style the speed, and make it sound actually like a real person. The software also lets users save videos or stream them directly on any platform.

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