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San Francisco Airbnb rival WanderJaunt abruptly shuts down, vanishes with barely a trace

The corner of 6th Street and Mission Street in San Francisco, where WanderJaunt's headquarters were located.

Source: SFGATE

An interim rental technology startup based in San Francisco has all of sudden winded down its business with hardly an evidence. The company advertised itself as a rival of Airbnb, a vacation rental American firm.

The company known as WanderJaunt had its headquarter in SoMa. It has reportedly taken down its official site and Facebook page. Apart from this the associate sites of the firm have also removed the name of the firm from their lists.

Some of the determinative tiny portions of available data about the firm came from a hard-to-find assist subdomain. The assisting page of the subdomain reported that the rental tech startup is shutting down all of its services for all time on June 30, 2022.

As per the report of the travel news agency, Skift, when the called on the public support number of the rental tech firm it defined the reason behind the closing of it. The computerized voice said that with a heavy heart it declares that because of the ongoing market scenario, WanderJaunt is shutting down all its services.

According to the computerized voice, the firm broke off its services on June 28. It further said that the consumers who had booked their rental houses or hotels using its website will get back their money, but in foreboding warning it tells that the people who are facing any difficulties is getting back their money must approach their bank or Airbnb if the estate was registered via Airbnb.

The prototype of the rental tech firm was different from that of Airbnb. It granted the vastest choice of residences and provided a persistent consumer experience, at the same time which meant that it rigged and festooned all of the estates registered on it on its own.

WanderJaunt also placed its estates on other online websites that provide similar staying services like Expedia, which was a different approach from Airbnb. The rental tech firm obtained around $15 million in Series B financing a few months before the world was hit by the pandemic, after which the company turned upside down and had to dismiss around one third of its total workforce in April 2020, as reported by a news agency.

As per a report the firm also obtained financing from Brazilian venture capital firm last year. Although the total money obtained from it is not clear. The shutting down of WanderJaunt marks another evidence of the foremost crisis being faced by the tech industry currently.



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