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Sathguru Catalyser Advisors infused $4 Million

Innovation in the Agriculture and Food Fund Managed by the Sathguru Catalyser Advisors has now invested around $4 million in the early-stage life science company, Telluris Biotech India. With the help of this, Sathguru will also hold a minority stake in the startup.

The startup as of now is involved in developing the different solutions for the essential issues plaguing the food and agricultural processing industries. Moreover, Telluris is much more focussed on bringing the path-breaking environment-sensitive biologically controlled products for the dreaded plant root-knot and cyst nematode related diseases complexes.

Venu Polineni, Founder, Telluris Biotech India, said,

“We are excited to propel our growth to markets with investment from Innovation in Food and Agriculture Fund. Our foray to markets will provide unparalleled environment-friendly biocontrol and bio-molecular products to farmers in India and elsewhere who face severe challenges from the root-knot, cyst nematodes, and plant root pathogens. Our extensive research-based innovative solutions will result in the farmers’ efforts to protect their crops and enhance yield significantly”.

Krishna Kumar, Chairman of Sathguru Catalysers, said,

“Our investment in Telluris is a contribution to sustainable agriculture with science-based solutions that can provide true health and environment benefit to growers. We perceive the opportunity for Telluris to provide gains to growers through their pipeline of products that are uniquely positioned to application in a wide range of crops”.



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