Sharity Token, the new cryptocurrency deployed in the Ethereum blockchain has come to revolutionize both the crypto and charity space by connecting the world digitally to help those in need. Sharity (Sharing + Charity) is here to serve a good cause by using the blockchain as a backbone for charity. The new cryptocurrency first launched on 19 Dec 2021 and has since taken huge steps in designing a mobile application that will help normalize crypto payments as charity donations in everyday life! 

The young team of blockchain developers are fully doxed. This term is commonly used, in the decentralized finances (deFi) space, to describe a team who does not remain in anonymity but prefers to face their investors and interact in social platforms with them every day. The team can be easily contacted in any of their social platforms, which official links can be found by simply visiting the official web portal:  

“We are revolutionizing charity in crypto not just because of our app or boots on the ground, but because of our team and our community as well. We always strive to better ourselves and we consider community feedback important as we continue to expand” said SadoCrypto. Sado is better known as “The young CEO”, in the social media platform of Twitter.  

They also regularly participate in Ask-me-Anything (AMA) sessions with respectable members in the crypto space. These live video chat meetings give $SHARI (token symbol) holders the opportunity to provide any feedback and express themselves about the direction the project is going. 

$SHARI is currently available for trading in, and Lbank Exchange. Nonetheless, the listing manager of Sharity Token, has expressed to our editorial department that “The team continues to work around the clock and $SHARI will soon be listed in more crypto trading exchanges. These are important milestones set forth in our roadmap and white paper that you can download from our site”. 

The Sharity team has also been able to incorporate a cryptocurrency buying platform into their website. Users are able to buy Ethereum (governance token) with fiat methods, such as, Visa, Master Card, Google, and Apple pay. This innovative system eliminates many of the most intimidating and frustrating steps encountered by people when they first decide to become crypto holders. The Sharity website includes easy-to-follow tutorial videos and reduces the entire process to four easy steps! 

Since $SHARI is such a recently launched cryptocurrency, newer investors are encouraged to seek for additional information by talking to the Telegram and Discord moderators directly and reading the whitepaper (English/Spanish/Chinese) before performing their purchase for the very first time. This gives people that might not be familiar with crypto with the opportunity to get real-time customer service and engage with other community members, which is their ultimate goal. It also ensures that all of the investors in $SHARI are able to be well educated in the previous and future community objectives. 

In addition, the Sharity team also carries out monthly charity events. They have already organized donation events for “Stan the Helper” charity organization, ANEW (which offers services for victims of domestic violence) and volunteered in the “Restore LA Charity Event” at Dream Center in Los Angeles, CA. Sharity has also provided charity donations in crypto payments to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, among others. All of these efforts have been achieved with the help of the $SHARI community, and the profits of the cryptocurrency token ($SHARI) in only three months. Future events will vary on location and type, as their whitepaper states that no charity should be left behind!

The decision to invest in any type of cryptocurrency is a personal decision that every investor needs to seriously consider based on their financial situation and needs. For this reason, the project has incorporated revolutionary tokenomics (crypto incentives) that includes token burns. The purpose of these burns is to reduce the token’s circulating supply, which turns $SHARI into a deflationary currency in nature. They also keep innovative staking platforms present, as a means to provide passive income to their holders. Such novel processes enable investors to monetize their crypto holdings that would otherwise lie idle in their cryptocurrency wallets. 

In the future, Sharity will open a daycare facility called “Sharity’s Kids”. They want to provide education through interactive learning, music and movement, creative activities, and educational games among many other enrichment activities. Sharity hopes to bring the same aspect to Sharity’s Kids as they do with Sharity Token. They want to provide financial assistance for those who need daycare but may not have the means to afford it. They want parents to understand that their first priority is to make it possible for them to have the assistance they need, in an environment that is comfortable and safe for their children.

Between creating a platform where people can use the Sharity app to donate, having one of the most promising Tokens of 2022, Sharity’s Kids, and being involved with various crypto-meets-charity community events nationwide, Sharity seems to be on the cutting edge of something extraordinary! Not only in the cryptocurrency space, but in the Real World!  The world where so many people need just a little help to stay ahead. Sharity intends to be that helping hand!

Please visit the official youtube channel to watch the most recent monthly Sharity events. For a full list of all social media sites, please visit: