Shocking video shows the truth about inflation and how its emptying our pockets

Shocking video shows the truth about inflation and how its emptying our pockets

The government will do anything to convince you that things are under control, but numbers say otherwise. Inflation in Europe has hit 10%, and price hikes are not slowing down. But it’s still difficult to grasp the depth of the situation if you do not consider a long-term perspective.

A shocking video by @timokaut shows the truth of what inflation has been like and how it has been emptying our pockets. Why do you think that the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class always suffers? Inflation is one of the key factors for the same.

Take a look at the TikTok video:


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This video shows the stark difference in the number of groceries you could purchase in 1998 and in 2022 for the same amount of money. The first cart could easily feed a family of four for more than a week, but I cannot say the same for the last cart.

Now, there might be the question that we are also making a lot more in 2022 as compared to 1998, then why does it matter? First of all, inflation eats away at your savings, and secondly, most of us do not even get salary hikes that can beat inflation.

A lot of viewers also commented on the video agreeing with how creative and realistic the video is. Angelina says, “families can barely afford to buy the basics with prices nowadays.”

Another viewer commented, “Good thing salaries have also been increased at the same rate to ensure people can actually afford the cost of living,” but a lot of other people disagreed with this and replied that they hadn’t gotten a hike or salary hikes do not match inflation rates.

A lot of viewers talked about the poor state of Argentina and how bad the inflation is there. Vicky wrote, “if you could see how we live in Argentina, you would never complain about inflation ever again.

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