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Siraj Raval Caught Lying About Mining $800 in ETH

Siraj Raval, a Tesla Model 3 owner, claims that Tesla taught him how to mine up to $ 800, but the community has questioned his claim. YouTuber Siraj Raval claims that using a Tesla Model 3 he was able to mine $ 800 per month in ether cryptocurrency (ETH). 

Siraj Raval Caught Lying About Mining $800 in ETH

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Raval was caught plagiarising a scientific study on neural qubits. The YouTuber has incorporated actual work quotes in his work on a few occasions. Raval had previously been embroiled in a squabble with author Nathan Killoran, Seth Lloyd, and their co-authors.

YouTuber Siraj Raval Caught Lying About Mining $800 in ETH with a Tesla

According to reports, a YouTuber was able to mine cryptocurrency using a bunch of GPUs powered by an electric vehicle’s battery. While such a method may breach the automobile’s warranty, Raval thinks it’s “worth it” because he’s now spending $800 per month on his car.

“It’s a computer on wheels … It’s very easy to hack,” says Siraj Raval.

Other Tesla devotees, on the other hand, have questioned Raval’s assertions. In an interview with CNBC, miner Thomas Somers stated that the figures mentioned by YouTubers are just not accurate. Tesla Model 3 GPUs, according to Somers, are capable of producing up to 7-10 Mh / s. At an ETH pricing of $ 3,149, such talents only earn the miner roughly $ 13 per month, according to Etherscan.

Siraj Raval should receive up to $ 20 per month, even if we use the historical maximum ether rate of $ 4812. As of this writing, the YouTuber has made no mention of the negative feedback in his address.

This isn’t the first time Raval has been involved in a controversy. The YouTuber was discovered plagiarising a research study on neural qubits at the end of 2019. Raval copied entire portions of the article from other authors of similar work — Nathan Killoran, Seth Lloyd, and their co-authors, according to user @AndrewM Webb. Raval has used quotes from original works in his work in a few instances.

Raval then posted a video on YouTube a month later, admitting that he frequently stole someone else’s code for his YouTube videos and presented it as his own. Raval then claimed it was due to his “selfishness.” He, on the other hand, remained silent about the situation involving the article’s plagiarism.

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