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Slice invite code for ₹300 invitation bonus for new users

Join India’s Slice card with the invitation code STARK195941 to get an invitation bonus of 300 when receiving your card.

Slice invitation code for new user bonus

Slice is India’s latest unicorn and entered the club today with the latest funding of $220 Mn. It is not an easy task to get a credit card in India especially if you are not having a good credit history and slice tapped into that market with easy to get credit cards for students, professionals. There is a higher chance of getting your slice card approved if you join from a slice referral coupon when you complete your registration. The credit limit is determined based on your CIBIL score and can be from thousands up to lakhs. The slice invite code is necessary to redeem the bonus upon signing up and receiving your card.

How to join the Slice card?

  • Download the slice app from playstore and complete your signup. You may be asked for an invitation code while completing your registration.
  • Enter the slice invite code STARK195941 and increase your chance of getting approved for the credit card.
  • You might be asked for a PAN card, selfie during your registration process and you will see your credit limit once the sign up process is complete.
  • The virtual card will be activated soon as your KYC details are verified and you can start transactions quickly as your card is activated.
  • The physical card will be delivered to your address within 7 days and it is a very elegant blue colored card made of plastic.
  • The slice app has all the controls for your card from deactivating, enabling tap to pay, setting transaction limit and more. You can enable and disable it whenever you like.

How do Slice offers and coupons work?

Slice offers you a credit line with the NBFCs and your credit limit is decided based on your credit utilisation score and CIBIL score. If you already have a few reputed credit cards, chances are high that you get a higher limit.

Slice card offers discounts and cashbacks on many eCommerce websites from swiggy to MakeMyTrip. You can get 60% off on your first transaction on swiggy and more for travel and other bookings as well. The slice app offers a section displaying all the live offers available and you can activate the deals and coupons from there as well.

Slice card also has no-cost EMI option as well. You can make quick payments to e-wallets such as PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. Slice card is considered to be India’s best credit card opponent for the banks. This card is looking forward to redesign the economic experience for those who are underserved or ignored by the banks. It is a fintech startup and the vision of the company is to build a transparent, modern, and simple financial platform for the Indian youth community.

Advantages of using Slice card

  • Slice cards are free forever and there are no hidden fees, you can review all the updated fees on the pricing section inside the app.
  • The card can be used for POS and online transactions as well.
  • There is a fee for bank transfer and you can see it on the emergency cash section in the slice app.
  • The slice referral program pays 300 for every successful referral who completes the KYC and gets a credit card from your slice invite code.
  • The latest slice invitation code is STARK195941 and use it while registering on the slice app.



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