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Social E-commerce Venture, CityMall Fires 191 Employees
The Gurugram-based firm has laid-off over 190 employees, according to the company’s LinkedIn post.

E-commerce community venture, CityMall came out to announce on the 19th of June that the company has taken the decision to let go of almost 200 of their employees. The announcement took place through a LinkedIn post to the public on the evening of June 19th.

The company is a social online platform that is looking to empower the millions of people in smaller towns and cities that are still new to the internet and digital world. They work in a whole range of fields in the country including fashion, groceries, fast moving consumer goods and so on. There around 300 million people in the country and CityMall is looking to help them get the best out of the internet world.


However, they announced now that the company has been forced to down size their work force by 191 employees. According to their public statement, they said that they had to remove some roles in their company so that their business model can keep up with an online environment that is constantly changing. This is the main reason for the massive purge that has taken place.

However, they went on to announce that they will be helping the people who have been forced out of the company by assisting them in getting new jobs so they can transition through unemployment quickly and easily. They also said that everyone who has been fired has played an important role in the growth of the company and that it is one of the most difficult choices that they have had to take.

They attached a Google Doc with a questionnaire in the post so that the employees who were let go can fill it up and CityMall will share their details to other companies who are looking to hire people.

The company was founded 3 years ago, back in 2019, and its head office is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana. The fired employees actually constitute 15% of the company’s entire work force, so this is a very significant change the company is going through. Adding to that, the company raise funds amounting to $ 75 million USD just a few months ago. So, this news, came out of the blue to the public.

Many people expressed their dissatisfaction at this decision as letting go of employees who have worked so hard over the past few years seems pretty cut throat and unethical. However, we will have to see if this decision pays out for this company or not.