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Solana Airdrop takes up the spotlight on Twitter

It is a known fact that Twitter’s pulse quickens at the slightest mention of anything related to crypto. And at the moment, the Twitter spotlight is taken up by Solana Airdrop which has got the whole Twitter town talking and responses and reactions have been pouring in. Seems like we have yet another name to add to the trending list on Twitter.


Solana Airdrop

For those who don’t know, Solana is a high throughput blockchain. It supports transactions ranging from 50-65k per second and 400 ms blocktimes. The point of intrigue of Solana is that it is free of complex solutions like sharding and layer-two. Being the world’s first web-scale blockchain, it is expected that Solana has the potential to unlock a whole new range of performant applications while also facilitating the adoption of larger-scale blockchain. In the course of multiple giveaways, Solana plans to give a total of 35,000 tokens. It is time for crypto enthusiasts to harness their hawk-eye skills and keep an eye out for the airdrops. Top referrers also stand a chance of winning up to 250 SOL from both the giveaways.

Reactions On Twitter

It goes without saying that Twitter town is on edge with excitement about the airdrop. A chance to win tokens cannot be overlooked and Twitterati is definitely not overlooking this. The interest and excitement are very much reflected in the long array of reactions and responses that has been pouring. Let us flip through a few of the reactions and responses on Twitter concerning the Solana Airdrop.

Be alert. The airdrop is round the corner.

Twitter and giveaways! There is no better combination that can cause a stir like those two.

What’s on your mind? It better be something that begins with an S. And we are not talking about sleep.

Such accurate depictions of human conditions.




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