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Solana Mobile, Solana’s own smartphone is releasing in 2023

Solana’s own smartphone is coming out in early 2023, and it will be called Solana Mobile. Yes, you read that right; a cryptocurrency company is now going to launch its own phone. The official video for the launch is out, and it looks like the primary target audience for this smartphone are developers.

Solana Mobile

The launch video of Solana Mobile introduced the mobile developer toolkit for Solana. It also says that it will be coming on a flagship device, Saga, which will be built by OSOM Privacy. Initially, the smartphone will only be available in the United States, Canada, European Union, and the United Kingdom. Those who are interested can pre-order the smartphone at Solanamobile.com by depositing 100 USDC.

Once someone makes the refundable deposit, they will be added to the waitlist. When their turn to buy the smartphone comes, the $100 USDC will be discounted from the final price. If you are a developer and are into Solana Mobile, then fill in your developer details in the pre-order form, as developers will be prioritized on the waitlist. They will get to test the Solana Mobile stack and the smartphone before normal users.

The idea behind the smartphone

Currently, web3 is limited to desktop users. Even though technically you can use it on a smartphone, the experience is not great, and some features might even be inaccessible. So, Solana is bringing a mobile platform to allow developers to build web3 experiences for such devices. They are also equipping it with all the necessary tools required for the same.

Solana mobile will have a seed vault built directly into the hardware, SolanaPay, a decentralized AppStore, and many such features. It will make the web3 experience seamless on the go, which hasn’t been possible until now.

OSOM privacy

As stated above, they are responsible for building the smartphone for Solana. The company was also behind the Essential phone, which was a failure but pioneered the way phones look now. It was the first android phone with a notch display. However, the company’s expertise lies in privacy, and it aims to build a smartphone focused on that front.

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