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SpaceX and Rogers Collab to connect remote areas in Canada with the internet

In recent years, Elon Musk led SpaceX has been involved in several projects which aim to provide messaging and internet services. In a similar project, the billionaire led company has partnered with Rogers, another communication company in an attempt to connect rural areas in Canada with the rest of the world by means of the internet. Earlier, SpaceX had also entered into a similar partnership with a US based company.

About SpaceX:

The Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, better known as SpaceX, is an American space exploration company founded by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2002. Unlike most companies in the field, SpaceX is a private organization but has also been deeply involved with the US government.

Initially, Elon started the company with the vision to make space travel more affordable. While the costs are still high, he has succeeded in making space travel more accessible and has taken steps towards making human settlement on Mars possible. SpaceX has been involved in the designing and manufacturing space shuttles. They have launched rockets and space shuttles for commercial purposes into orbit, sent supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) and developed technologies which could be used for future manned missions.

One of their most innovative and praiseworthy inventions included reusable space shuttles which could in the long term significantly reduce the cost of space travel. The agency had also launched shuttles and satellites for NASA.

Although the company has had numerous projects that were appreciated worldwide, Starlink is a one of a kind satellite network that has wide-ranging applications. It aims to provide high speed internet access to users around the world using an arrangement of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. This network can be used to provide reliable internet connectivity to under-developed regions in the world and could possibly bridge the technological gap between people living in these areas.

SpaceX capsule heads to space station ferrying NASA crew and Russian |  Reuters

Credits: Reuters

About Rogers Communications:

It is one of Canada’s most eminent telecommunications companies which will be working with the Elon led company to install Starlink ground stations across Canada. These stations will then connect to the satellite network. Once the stations are in place, Rogers will start offering high-speed internet and mobile phone connectivity services to its customers in remote areas.

SpaceX and Rogers partnership:

The company founded by the celebrity billionaire had announced a partnership with Rogers Communications in hopes of providing mobile connectivity in remote regions of Canada with the help of its Starlink satellite network. The partnership aims to bridge the digital divide of these regions with other parts of the world. It will soon start providing messaging services followed by voice messaging and internet service. A reliable internet connectivity in the remote areas of Canada will make it easier for citizens in those areas to be seen and heard around the world. The CEO of the Canadian communications company claimed that the technology could be used to deliver wireless connectivity and access to emergency services in the near future.

In an attempt to expand their ground reach, Rogers had recently invested millions of dollars to acquire one of their competitors. Although, the acquisition came with strict rules which the company has to follow, it is expected that it would help the SpaceX partner to set up effective ground stations in rural regions.


This partnership highlights the importance of satellite-based connectivity solutions in addressing the problems of citizens in rural areas. Such solutions ensure that everyone has access to the same facilities regardless of their location. It would also benefit all three parties involved in the process: SpaceX, Rogers and Canadian citizens. While SpaceX will get to expand its roots into the Canadian market, customers in the country will also enjoy good quality internet and messaging service. Rogers too will now be able to dominate its market with the help of SpaceX technology.