Students capture community vibes via iPhone 13 mini, photos featured at historic Egmore Museum

A group of kids from Tamil Nadu, India, impressed Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook by using the Apple iPhone 13’s camera to take photos of their towns.

The pictures are currently on display at the Egmore Museum in Chennai, the capital of the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, as part of the Chennai Photo Biennale.

Mr. Cook expressed his gratitude for the children’s outstanding efforts on Twitter. He captioned the photos as follows:

“Forty high school students from Tamil Nadu, India captured the vibrance of their communities on iPhone 13 mini. Now their work is featured in the student showcase at the historic Egmore Museum for the Chennai Photo Biennale.”

The iPhone 13 mini has a dual 12-megapixel rear camera and a 12-megapixel front camera. The main 12MP camera includes a larger sensor with larger pixels as well as improved sensor-shift stabilization.

These photographs will be on display at the historic Egmore Museum in Chennai till April 17th as part of the Chennai Photo Biennial. On their official website,, you can learn more about the show.

From 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., the exhibition will be on display at the Aptronix store in Chennai’s VR Mall as well.

The Government Museum, Chennai, often known as the Madras Museum, is a human history and culture museum in Chennai, India, located in the Government Museum Complex in the Egmore neighbourhood. It was founded in 1851 and is India’s second oldest museum, after the Indian Museum in Kolkata.

It is especially well-known for its archaeological and numismatic collections. Outside of Europe, it has the world’s greatest collection of Roman artefacts. The gigantic Museum Theatre is one of the most spectacular of them.  The National Art Gallery is also located on the grounds of the museum. In 2018, it had 0.6 million visitors. It features Asia’s largest collection of bronze idols, with 500 going back to 1000 BCE.

The museum complex’s children’s museum is constructing an air-conditioned 3D theatre, the first of its kind in a state museum, at a cost of $4 million. The National Council of Science Museums in Kolkata will offer the necessary equipment. The cinema will show science-related films. It will display a 20-minute video and will have five shows every day. By April 2013, the project should be done. The 3D theatre will also be upgraded to a 5D theatre.

The Department of Museums began assessing proposals for the museum’s renovation in 2018 as part of an Asian Development Bank-funded project.