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Illustration: TechStory

Swiggy announces permanent remote work for its employees

Swiggy, one of India’s largest on-demand utility service provider, expanded the footprint of its Future of Work Policy on Friday, 29th July. It will henceforth let the bulk of its workers to work remotely on a full time basis. The corporation announced that corporate, core business operations, and technological groups will keep operating virtually in the future.

To encourage in-person connection, employees will gather about once every three months at the central work site for a seven days. However, it continued, “partner-facing jobs” need people to work a few days a week from the workplace at their main location. According to Swiggy, the choice to permit perpetual job from remote locations was made in response to “team requirements and input from various managers and employees, who attested to the freedom and higher efficiency working from home has offered them over the last couple of years”

Girish Menon, the Head of Swiggy’s Human Resource Department, made a public statement regarding the announcement. He said, “At the core of our Future of Work is Flexibility. Our focus was to enable employees with as much flexibility in their work life within the contours of their job. We observed global and local talent trends while also having our ears to the ground listening to the pulse from employees, managers and leaders. This led us to introducing ‘work from anywhere’ as a permanent option for employees giving them the convenience of flexible cycles of work and leisure wherever they may be.”


Menon further went on to add, “We will continue to actively invest in remaining employee experience innovations in work and workplace experience to build a trule remote-first organization.”

According to the firm, Swiggy currently employs over 5,000 people across 487 cities in 27 states and four union territories in the country. The statement, however, was made after major Indian cities saw protests by the majority of Swiggy’s delivery partners.

Employees of Swiggy’s delivery service staged a protest in Bengaluru last week, as well as earlier in Mumbai and Thursday in Delhi. According to a person with intimate knowledge of the situation, this came after the corporation decreased worker compensation. Swiggy’s rapid ecommerce operation is called Instamart. The latest protests have disrupted the Instamart operation in the impacted areas and come at a point when the Bengaluru-based firm is putting a lot of money into its vision for delivery services. Last year, it invested $700 million in the company.