Taliban unveils their first supercar; Indigenously built with a modified Corolla engine

Taliban reveals Mada 9, Afghanistan’s first indigenously built supercar

Taliban unveiled a super car that is indigenously built. Supercar Mada 9 that tool almost 5 years to develop the car. It was unveiled by the Taliban’s minister for higher education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani. The company, ENTOP developed the car. It is still in development stage and is a prototype.

Taliban unveils their first supercar; Indigenously built with a modified  Corolla engine
Image credits- Team BHP

The car is still not production ready. It was developed by a team of at least 30 engineers from ENTOP and Kabul’s Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI). The Mada 9 currently comes with a Toyota Corolla engine. The engine has been modified for this supercar. Speaking to Afghanistan’s TOLO news, Ghulam Haider Shahamat, the head of ATVI said the engine has been modified in such a manner that it is suitable for higher speeds. ENTOP the company who has developed the car however has plans to install an electric powertrain to the car in the future.

ENTOP’s CEO Mohammad Riza Ahmadi said to TOLO News, “It will start its journey in Afghanistan and will one day maybe go international” He also added that he hopes the supercar would convey the value of knowledge to the people and would also help in boosting Afghanistan’s image in front of the world. He said, “I would like to thank the great national businessmen and the dear people of Afghanistan who stood by my side during this time.”

Development of Mada 9

The car has been tested by the engineers however, there are no videos available online where the car is seen in motion. In almost all the videos or pictures, the car is seen parked. The video does not show how the car sounds or what the interior of the car looks like. It definitely has an aggressive and sporty-looking design. The engine as mentioned above is borrowed from a Toyota Corolla sedan which is an extremely popular sedan in the country. The engineers have made modifications to the engine but, they do not say what exactly the changes are. The power and torque figures of the car have not been made public. It is not clear if it is a front, rear or mid-engine car.

It is an extremely low-slung supercar that is probably built from scratch. The car showcased by the country’s leader was finished in all-black including the large wheels. The brake calipers are finished in Red for a sporty look. The design looks aerodynamic and it has several air vents to channel the air and reduce drag. The tail lamps are sleek-looking units and the headlamps LED units and the front-end of this supercar also comes with a grille and a large lower lip on the bumper to make the car stick to the ground. The production version of the Mada 9 is most likely to come out as an electric supercar.